TikTok confirms it will pursue legal battle versus White House

TikTok confirmed seeking a lawsuit against the executive order issued by the White House that is forcing them to leave the United States.

TikTok has been on social media headlines during the pandemic for many reasons. It skyrocketed to fame because of the boredom of people in the house. It gave another avenue for content creators to make awesome videos. However, it has also been on the headlines because of the White House’s focus on the app.

President Donald Trump believes that the country’s national security is in peril because of the app. As such, it issued an executive order that gave an ultimatum to TikTok. If the app fails to divest from the country by September 15, it will be banned.

TikTok is going on the counter-attack

The Beijing-based company believes that they were deprived of due process because of the executive order. They believe that the order of the president is unlawful and unfair for the company and its users. As such, they are suing the White House to render the order ineffective. In a statement to The Verge, the company said,

“What we encountered instead was a lack of due process as the administration paid no attention to facts and tried to insert itself into negotiations between private businesses.”

They claim that they tried to start a helpful conversation with the White House. Unfortunately, their efforts were countered by hostile words and attacks from the president’s office. As a result, they have to resort to a legal remedy to the problem.

Twitter? Microsoft? Netflix?

The current frontrunner for the TikTok spree is Microsoft. They have all the assets to purchase such a huge company. However, experts are wary about the deal. Microsoft doesn’t have the expertise in handling a social media company. Nonetheless, Satya Nadella commits that the company is bound to helping the president’s office in its mission. It claims that it will clean up the data handling issues of the company.

Twitter is another company that is involved in acquiring TikTok. They seem to be a better fit compared to Microsoft. Not only is Twitter a social media expert, but it also has the perfect platform that can complement the services of TikTok. Unfortunately, it may not have the assets to push through with the acquisition.

Netflix, on the other hand, although not in the talks, seems to be a match for TikTok. They both provide video content. Nonetheless, both can work together to provide an immersive experience for their users. Netflix can use TikTok to give its users a glimpse of their stars’ behind-the-scenes life. TikTok, on the other hand, can give TikTok stars a more polished format for their unique content.

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