TikTok will allow creators to add mini apps to their videos, calls it Jumps

TikTok, a platform that has been a talk of the town past few years, will now allow users to embed mini-apps into their videos, called Jumps.

Considering an example, if someone is making a cooking video, (s)he can embed a link of Whisk in the video. This embedded link will allow the viewer to pull up the recipe of the food being made by the creator. And that’s what Jumps will do.

Isn’t that fascinating? Just with a tap of a button, one can reach such objectives without much effort. As of now, this facility is not rolled out yet. Undoubtedly, it will roll out after several testing.

Moreover, this feature is being tested on only some creators. They can use Jumps in their videos, with which they can embed the link in the videos.

What is Jumps, and how is it different?

While watching the video with Jumps in it, the users will see a button at the bottom of the screen. Nevertheless, that button will open a new content screen within TikTok.

Content creators will have the option to add Jumps to their videos. If they do so, they will even get the opportunity to customize the content concerning what they want them to see.

Moreover, probing deeper into how it works and the result, you can look over the following video for a better explanation.

The company has been testing Jumps in a smaller portion of the group previously. As technology advancements are taking a magnificent surge, the company is now planning the testing over a more comprehensive section of society.

The bottom line of the content

This testing is, however, necessary for rolling out the services in the market. Shaping Jumps wasn’t an easy task. During the development and beta period, TikTok worked with numerous companies.

To name a few, Whisk, Wikipedia, and Tabelog are some of the companies with which TikTok collaborated for shaping Jumps. Additionally, TikTok also claims that BuzzFeed and IRL will also have Jumps coming soon.

Furthermore, the company is opening an application for developers to develop ideas and infuse their own experience. TikTok adds that this application will be open to everyone.

The company will judge the submissions on account of how productive it can be for the company soon.

Every member of the Creator Fund will have access to Jumps as of now. With this, TikTok will monitor how well Jump is performing in the market.


Image courtesy of Peter Knetter/YouTube

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