Tile offers Premium Protect to fend off Apple AirTags

Tile offers Premium Protect to fend off Apple AirTags

Tile releases Premium Protect that will reimburse users for lost items up to US$1,000 ahead of the possible Apple AirTag launch this month.

Apple is going lateral on its product offerings. After years of focusing on consumer tech devices such as laptops and smartphones, the company ties things up with a not-so-unique product. It is expected to be called Apple AirTag. On its path is Tile, a company that offers the same thing.

This will be a David vs. Goliath matchup with Tile being the smaller party. It remains to be seen if the story will turn out to be the same. Nonetheless, Tile isn’t resting on its laurels after a couple of successful years.

Tile Premium Protect for better peace of mind

For those that aren’t familiar with Tile’s products, the company offers small literal tiles that users can attach to their items. They can be keys, dolls, remote controllers, or anything else that can be easily lost. Tile’s system is then able to find and ring those tags. After this, the users can be assisted with sound to find their misplaced items easier.

Tile upgraded the service with their premium subscription. This service allows for a 30-day tracking history for the items. It also allows its users to take advantage of the Tile community. Moreover, Tile takes the service up a notch by pushing notifications for possibly misplaced or left items.

Premium Protect takes the premium subscription even further. The company is offering an insurance service for lost items worth up to $1,000. The idea of the added feature doesn’t go against the selling proposition of the company. Tile shares that 90% of lost items with Tiles are found. However, 10% was never seen because it is either out of range or not in a dense network area.

As such, it wants to offer a reimbursement package for its users.

Caveats for the reimbursement package

Similar to all other money-back promises, Premium Protect has several fine prints that come with it. First and foremost, items that will be registered for the service must be approved by Tile. Firearms, antiques, and pets are not allowed in the service.

Users may also not avail of the reimbursement immediately after subscribing. Instead, they will have to be on the platform for 30 days before being allowed to file for their loss. Speaking of filing, Tile will only take action on reimbursements after a user notifies the company of the lost item.

After this, Tile will first have to try to find the item. Should they fail, that is the only time that the company will process the payment.

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