Tim Cook indirectly confirms special November Apple Event

Tim Cook indirectly confirms special November Apple Event

Tim Cook gladly shared during its Q4 earnings call that there are other exciting products coming from Apple before the year ends.

So far, Apple has several items that are waiting to be shipped. Firstly, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini. Secondly, the HomePod Mini. Thirdly, the MagSafe accessories that many are looking forward to getting their hands on.

All of these have been detailed out and discussed during the October Apple Special Event. Unfortunately, the fans were a bit disappointed to only see two core products announced by Apple. As such, they are expecting more before the year ends.

Tim Cook indirectly announces final 2020 event

Apple just conducted its Q4 earnings call with its investors. There, Cook and his team shared what else the investors can expect from the company. First and foremost, the company has hit some snags in fulfilling orders due to high demand. This is more good than bad.

Apple reports that the company is working very hard to meet the rising consumer demand. Despite already lagging behind fulfilling orders from around the world, Apple still has one more event to go. Tim Cook himself confirmed this news. However, he only said it indirectly. His statement was short and succinct, which is open to many interpretations. He only said,

“I can tell you that this year has a few more exciting things in store.”

As to which “things” he is referring to is up to the company to confirm. Based on their announcements this year, the statement could allude to several products announced this year.

Apple Silicon Mac, Apple AirTags, or AirPods Studio?

During WWDC 2020, Apple announced its transition to Apple Silicon from Intel. Tim Cook confidently shared that the first Mac computer powered by the first-ever Apple-designed processor will ship before the year ends.

No details have surfaced about the Mac computer yet. Earlier last month, the rumors pointed to the iMac as the first computer with the Apple Silicon. However, the direction changed and pointed to a MacBook instead. Apple’s production of these items has been airtight. As such, those waiting to upgrade to the new Mac computer will just have to wait.

Apple is also expected to announce a Tile-like item tracker. Tim Cook could be alluding to these products too.

Fortunately, the wait will not be too long anymore. The Cupertino-based company will most likely not announce any new product during December to give way to the holiday sales. As such, they only have the month of November left to announce. If Apple intends to ship whatever new product they will release, they will be constrained to hold the special event earlier next month.


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