Potential indie darling ‘Timelie’ coming on May 21


Timelie is a special offering from indie game developer Urnique Studio coming out May 21.

The puzzle adventure lets the player control time and features a cute girl and a super cute cat. In Timelie, players move around with their cat, trying to explore a mysterious world.

In almost every corner lies a robot in pursuit running after the girl. Players can control time, moving backwards and forwards to optimize every outcome.

The game is a smart puzzler that relies on the fluidity of time to understand how the world works.

Urnique Studio spent five years to develop TL

Players who spend time playing Urnique Studio’s offering are in for a treat. The puzzler is a crafty mix of many elements that will give gamers a good time.

According to their release blog on Steam, Urnique’s game is a “product of our dream”, under development for almost half a decade. The game is the first release for the burgeoning Thai studio and among the first from the country.

Players will find that TL should give a good batch of enjoyable puzzles and a gripping story. The game is reminiscent of the legendary platformer Braid by Jonathan Blow. It also has some shades of Transistor and Bastion with its immersive storytelling.

The homage is clear as day, but it does not rip off at all. The setting of Timelie is bleak and dark, something a lone girl and her cat should not be in.

Even then, with all the darkness and steel, the game feels imaginative. It has the potential to be an indie classic within the ranks of the games it pays homage.

“After 5 years of making this stealth puzzle game where Braids meet Transistor (and TLG), I’m ready to launch it next week on Steam!!” said the Urnique Studio in ITS TWITTER ANNOUNCEMENT.

Time manipulation likely a crucial part of TL’s plot

The unique time manipulation aspects of TL is hard to overlook. As players continue their course into the game, they will find out how the story deepens. The time manipulation aspect is beyond a simple mechanic that helps the player.

The futuristic environment and robotic villains suggest the world has a deep mystery waiting for a solution. Whether the player can solve that or not lies in an auspicious adventure.


Players can expect a deep personality in the game, even with how the work is sparse and simple. Timelie also won the world championship award at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016. It’s hard to deny how the game is likely a legend in the making once it launches next week.

Images courtesy of Urnique Studio/Official Steam Listing

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