Times when ‘Resident Evil Village’ was really sad for fans

Resident Evil Village has struck some chord in players as the player is more emotional than you think.

Resident Evil Village sings more of an emotional tone than ever because the game focuses on many aspects, and the one thing is to make the players tear up when Ethan Winters died.

The events of Resident Evil Village are really harsh on the players, especially when Ethan finally started living a peaceful life with his wife, Mia Winters, and their child Rosemary. But since we already know the events of the game and what might follow, this short-lived happy journey of the Winters family is really tragic to watch.

Here are some of the top emotional moments from the Resident Evil Village game where players have surely played with tears in their eyes.

Mia getting shot multiple times

One of the hardest things that came as a blow for all the Resident Evil fans is when Mia Winters got shot in the beginning while preparing for their dinner.

The first scene takes to Ethan Winters and Mia discussing their child Rosemary and how Mia has forgotten the events at the Bakers house.

During the seemingly ordinary night, Chris Redfield and their team members gathered up and shot Mia multiple times every single, making players wonder about their objectives of saving Mia in the previous installment.

The primary motive behind the shot(spoiler alert) was that Miranda played Mia all the while, and she fooled everyone into thinking she was dead. Later Ethan would find himself awakened inside a forest with faint memories of his child and wife, shot right in front of his eyes.

Every single village trusted Mother Miranda

Another one of the biggest blowouts in Resident Evil Village is that every single villager trusted Mother Miranda for protection. Miranda was only putting on a big ruse for the fact that she wanted to get to Rose.

Once she finally got her hands on her, the motive of being well and better to all the villagers was no more. Many of the residents for the havoc were made into Lycans, and especially some of them were mercilessly killed.

Lady Dimitrescu Isn’t Too Different From Ethan

Resident Evil Village is built on the plot that Ethan is fighting off all the terrible monsters in the village because he wants to safeguard his daughter. The same thing goes with our famous Lady Dimitrescu.

Since Ethan was an outsider, she thought he would take away the castle from her and harm her three daughters. Dimitrescu first kills the three daughters of Lady Bella, Daniela, and Cassandra, and then she faces her wrath on Ethan himself.


Image courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube

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