TimeX joins in CoinMarketCap’s Toilet Paper Token initiative

TimeX has always supported humanitarian projects and the current crisis in the toilet paper market surely poses one of the most urgent demands the world is currently experiencing.

Toilet paper poverty is a stain on our society. Some citizens have been forced to ration themselves to one sheet per day, with others using both sides of the paper to prolong their limited supplies.

With crypto hub CoinMarketCap listing the TP token, we have joined in the effort to clean up our country and eradicate this modern-day evil. Chrono.tech’s physically-backed Toilet Paper Token (TPT) will provide a paper market for Australian consumers. Meanwhile, 100,000 rolls of high-quality triple-ply personal hygiene products have been tokenized and held in our secure warehouse facility in Sydney.

Users who are caught short in the dunny need do no more than register for TimeX, purchase TPT for crypto, drive to our warehouse and redeem their tokens for physical toilet paper, and drive home to the comfort of their own bathroom. They will then immediately be able to meet their needs.

Together, we can wipe out toilet paper poverty.

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