‘Tiny Pretty Things’ show bashed for unwanted explicit scenes

Since its release on Netflix, the Tiny Pretty Things show is repeatedly getting bashed. Both the critics and viewers have criticized the latest series.

According to The Independent, viewers are currently expressing their disappointment after watching Tiny Pretty Things. The majority of them are saying that it features unwanted and obscenely “unnecessary” explicit scenes. And that the show is not good either, with a weak plot. Critics have also said a similar thing for the latest Netflix show.

The young-adult drama has turned out a mistake from the streamer, at least that’s what the reactions are indicating.

Tiny Pretty Things: A big mess!

Social media is currently flooded with negative reactions of people who watched the web series recently. It made its debut over the streaming service on December 14, 2020. The title is an adaptation of a novel of the same name, written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

Speaking briefly about the series, Tiny Pretty Things follows the story of Neveah, an elite ballerina. She’s offered a huge chance to attend Chicago’s ballet academy. Then the show tries to uncover new secrets of her school experiences and her fellow dancers.

Interestingly, in its official description, the show is called “Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars.”

However, it seems like no one has liked the series at all. And it can be felt from the tweets mentioned below. Users are complaining about the irrelevant quantity of intimate scenes and a very weak storyline. Moreover, they have also said that the makers knew they didn’t make a great show. And thus, they tried to compensate for it with so many too many intimate sequences.

Have a look at the reactions:

Upcoming Netflix titles in the coming year

Meanwhile, the streaming platform will surely try to come up with something else in the coming days. There many more shows lined-up to make their debut on the portal. Maybe after watching them, viewers will forget the pain of going through Tiny Pretty Things.

The year 2021 will be huge for Netflix since it will finally reveal the fourth season of Stranger Things. The upcoming installment of the hit series will uncover new secrets of the beloved characters. And it’s also possible that it will introduce several new faces as well.

Apart from this, some other shows include Sweet Home and Cobra Kai. The latter is a Karate Kid spinoff. Then there is Headspace Guide to Meditation and Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio, with their first seasons. Monarca will also return soon, with its second season.

All these future releases will definitely make the binge-watchers feel relieved from the stress of witnessing Tiny Pretty Things.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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