Tips and tricks to promote growth of android gaming

Android Gaming is a new era for every gaming enthusiast. Gaming on mobile seems to hit a new height every single year.

Nowadays, new smartphones come into the market every single day. With the advent of technology, Android is also craving its path in making its game. Every single day, new and fresh Android games are available which need to reach all the basic users. To do this, we have to promote these android games.

In the field of game development, every single game developer tries to make his dream project. But without looking at the present market trend, isn’t it bad? One should always do exhaustive research on the number of installs, popularization of any game, its sales data, etc.

This will give you a clean knowledge of what type of games are more appealing for present-day users. The following are some compiled points which would give you a brief knowledge of how to promote the Android game in the market.

Tips to promote your Android Game:

  • Sending games to several publishers: – Game publishers are such association which masters on the players who are still growing. Along with that, they also need the half share of your collection as their income. Therefore, it is difficult to deal with several publishers. But the publishers play the most pivotal role in promoting any game. Dealing with them on reasonable terms will even make you more acknowledged to present the trend of market business.
  • Beta ready and smooth launch: – When your game reaches an elevated point, you need to consider only a few people before launching your game in the market. The testers, journalists, and influencers are the critics who will tell you every minute details and fault, which, after changes, will enhance the quality of your game. Secondly, always look for a cheap market having fine metrics to release your project on a pocket-friendly budget.
  • Sending game to several stores: – It’s not always that one should only have google play store as an option to launch his/her game, neglecting several other stores such as Amazon, GetJar, slide, AppBrain, etc. One should send the game to each possible store in order to get more number of users.
  • Running paid campaigns on social media: – While handling your social media account, you always come across several ads on the sidebar of your account page. These paid ads can even be helpful for promoting different games in less time. The segmentation option present on such social media sites is impressive enough that it lets you measure actions regarding entities related to post a download of a game such as in-app purchases.
  • Universal App campaigns: – UAC is a one-stop-shop for different right users to install your app while they surf it. It is quite equivalent to Google. UAC grabs all the data from the listing, which one has uploaded while launching its game, whether it be keywords or descriptions. The game developer can also associate his YouTube video and pictures of graphics of the game with it to enhance more download and promotion.
  • Cross-platform promotion: – It becomes easier for any game developer to promote its newly launched game if he/she has any other game, which is the market. This cross-platform promotion is quite effective and easier. If you have any other game, then you can post ads for your new games, which will be visible to the users you already have. Along with that, you should also interact with different developers to post ads for your game as well. There are different developer’s associations across the world.
  • Promoting through reviews: – Reviews can boost the promotion of your game easily. However, it may be tough to get them on your own. But there are several paid reviews sections such as appbrain, android app, PCWorld, android central, etc.
  • Promote games on social media: – While making a game, one should always approach Reddit’s section of Android Reddit and Product Hunt in which users vote for apps they use. One should have a high knowledge of handling its social media.

Above are some of the important tips which a game developer should follow in order to promote his/her game. One best way to promote the game is by bringing it into Google’s top play chart. This can be done by getting several downloads of your game. One should be attentive while promoting the game because it is quite difficult to surpass games or apps having several downloads.

Images courtesy of thebigland/Shutterstock, quietbits/Shutterstock

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