Tips for some of the hardest mini-games in ‘Fall Guys’

Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys is a masterpiece when it comes to having fun, and players should try this game when they have the chance. Just because its fun, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult.

Players of Fall Guys definitely know how tough it is to be the best of 60 players. It’s not just the competition that’s tough. The mini-games are also seriously hard. Here a few tips for some of the toughest mini-games in this crazy battle royale.

Slime Run

Even the developers have acknowledged the difficulty of Slime Run. For players having a tough time, it’s important for them to get their priorities straight first. Although the rising slime pushes them to be faster, they should first consider staying behind everyone else.

What makes Slime Run hard is that every player is rushing towards the goal, so getting through the obstacles is hard. Since the slime doesn’t rise as fast as anyone thinks, it’s better to stay patient and lag behind a few places from the top spot.

Door Dash

Door Dash is pretty simple and easy if players are lucky. If they don’t want to risk losing time by hitting fake doors, it’s best to stay at the far end of the race. When they see an open door, players will need to jump and dive to avoid the influx of players right at the proper entrance.

Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute in Fall Guys is both exciting and frustrating. Nothing feels worse than getting dragged to the very end by a rogue banana. The best way to go about this is by staying in the middle. Staying at the sides puts players at risk of being thrown out of the conveyor belt. Whereas in the middle, they only have to worry about the cinnamon stick, which is very easy to time.

Tip Toe

Unless players are really lucky, they should definitely stay behind during Tip Toe segments. They should also avoid joining the crowd as it puts them at risk of being pushed into a fake tile. It’s best to stay a tile or two behind the crowd up until the goal is only a tile away.

Fall Guys is insanely fun, but players shouldn’t mistake its fun facade with it being an easy game. It’s undoubtedly a challenging title, but these tips for some of the minigames could help out.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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