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Tips for using the top tier tanks in ‘Overwatch’


The tank role in Overwatch is one of the toughest out there as players will have to stand in the frontline. On the hands of a good enough player, tanks can easily turn the tide of the battle.

In Overwatch, the role of the tank means having to shield the team for attacks. It also means initiating dives to the objective. There are only a few tanks in the game, but most of them are impactful in matches. Here are some tips for the top picked tanks in the shooter.


Reinhardt is one of the few heroes that has never been taken out of the meta since the game launched. This is impressive, considering that there are already quite a few tanks added to the game. Reinhardt’s most useful ability is his large shield, which can easily absorb the attacks of the enemy time.

One tip when using Reinhardt is to avoid charging at the enemy if they are still far away. This could result in the player getting picked off too quickly. It’s also best to stand nearby support characters to increase his survivability even further.


When it comes to tanks that can turn the tide of the battle, it has to be D.Va. As a tank, D.Va can’t protect the team as much as Reinhardt. However, her Defense Matrix is one of the most useful skills in Overwatch. It can absorb almost any projectile, including Zarya’s Graviton Surge and McCree’s Deadeye.

Of course, her Self-Destruct is also important. Whether it’s contesting an objective in overtime or only taking out an enemy group, a well-placed Self-Destruct can quickly change the outcome of the battle.


Zarya has gone down the meta significantly, but she’s still a hero that players will find usually. Her Graviton Surge is still one of the best ultimate in the game. It can be used as a combo with other ultimate abilities. Most specifically, it can be used along with the ultimate abilities of DPS heroes like Genji, Reaper, and Hanzo.

Her barrier is also great at keeping the important members of the team alive. The extra damage to her basic attack can also pick off the members of the enemy team.

These tank heroes are the most picked in Overwatch, and tank mains should master these over anyone else. If they dive into the match using these heroes and two amazing support, their chances of winning significantly increases.

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