Tips in finding a Nintendo Switch even if it’s on high demand

The Nintendo Switch has been highly popular during the pandemic. The problem is the company cannot make them fast enough to cater to the increasing demand of the console.

The Nintendo Switch is almost sold out everywhere and it is getting pretty hard to get one because of soaring prices.

Ever since people were required to follow strict quarantine rules, the portable console has been the leisure activity for those who are bored and looking for something to new to keep them busy.

Is the Switch sold out?

The original Nintendo Switch console which features detachable controllers is still sold out in most retail shops. Getting the Nintendo Switch Lite is also becoming even harder.

While there are some third-party stores offering these consoles, they will surely sell it at soaring prices. Nintendo already knows that the supply is cutting short and is doing the necessary measures to cope up with the situation.

Nintendo is boosting its production to 22 million units, an amazing achievement considering the console is already in its third year on the market. However, according to an analyst, the company’s effort may not satiate the demand soon enough.

According to an analyst, the Nintendo Switch might be sold out until June.

Where to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite

It appears that there is no other way of getting an original Nintendo Switch aside from scalpers who offer them at incredibly high prices. However, the Nintendo Switch consoles are back with plenty of stock.

The Switch Lite supports all software available on Nintendo Switch that is on handheld mode. It can cater to online play and local wireless multiplayer for individuals who want to play with friends and family. Here are stores offering the Nintendo Switch Lite:

1. Amazon

There are still Nintendo Switch consoles available on Amazon but are being sold mostly by scalpers who have increased the price to over 960AUD.

However, there are multiple Switch Lites available for purchase and can be delivered within the first week of May. All colors are available except for Coral Pink and are priced at 380AUD each.

2. Currys PC World

This store has the biggest selection of Switch Lite consoles compared to any other online store. They are offering Switch Lite bundles starting at 440AUD which comes with a free game.

Solo Nintendo Switch Lite packages are also available at 380AUD. Available colors are Coral Pink, Grey, and Yellow. With no specific date on when new stocks will arrive, it is unclear when the original Nintendo Switch will be available again.

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