Titans possibly coming in ‘Apex Legends’ PVE soon

Apex Legends is a PVP focused game, but Respawn Entertainment has since added PVE elements thanks to the Prowlers. For the next PVE element, it seems like the developer is drawing from one of their most popular titles.

It’s not a secret that Apex Legends is made entirely within the lore and universe of Titanfall. The game has a lot of influence in the battle royale in terms of gameplay and lore, but soon enough, there’s a chance that Titanfall will have a bigger impact on Bloodhound, Crypto, and the other legends in the game.

Exciting new leaks

A prominent dataminer from the community of the game has found some rather interesting codes within the game.

The outlands tag on the codes points to Titans possibly entering the game. If this is indeed the case, then fans will be getting what they have been asking for a long time now.

However, Respawn Entertainment has said before that they have experimented with Titans in Apex Legends already, but the addition of the mechs seemingly ruined the experience. What this basically entails is that players themselves won’t be able to use the Titans.

In Fortnite, Epic Games experimented with mechs too, but it was removed shortly after because the mechs were too overpowered.

While the legends using mechs seem unlikely, that isn’t to say that a PVE mode featuring Titans is impossible. Players could soon be facing off against these giants in combat, much like how they face Prowlers in the quests in the fifth season in the game.

What are Titans?

Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment’s popular shooter. What’s different about this game is that players are allowed to summon and use large mechs called Titans. In fact, these Titans played a huge part in the game’s story and gameplay mechanics.

Although both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 aren’t as popular as other shooters, the games still have a solid following behind them. Most particularly, the fans are always excited about the introduction of Titans in the battle royale. As the new leaks are suggesting that the mechs will be joining the game soon, the hype is certainly blazing once again.

Apex Legends is known to have unique and exciting game modes every once in a while. A PVE event featuring Titans is going to set the bar even higher for players. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment does add these mechs as fans are certainly going to appreciate the effort.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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