‘Titans’ season 3 heads to HBO Max, teases filming inside the Wayne Manor

The DC Comics super-hero series Titans season 3 is currently filming. Moreover, an Instagram photo reveals the location of the filming inside Wayne Manor.

The series, which premiered in October 2018 on the streaming service DC Universe has garnered a strong fan base. Throughout the past two seasons, the series has continued to evolve with new characters and thrilling plots. Now, Titans season 3 will bring a lot of changes, including its move to another streaming service, HBO Max.

Based on the hit DC Comic series, the live-action drama follows the titular heroes, who team up to defeat their evil villains. As the season progresses, more hero characters have joined the series.

What happened in “Titans” season 2

To recall, the team has worked together to defeat an old enemy in the form of Deathstroke. Season 2 finale revealed the defeat of Deathstroke, who made enemies with the original titans, Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Dawn Granger, and Hank Hall. Furthermore, Deathstroke has caused the team to disband.

The second installment also reveals the transformation of Dick into the Nightwing. Dick believes that he needs to be someone other than Robin. Thus, when he finally has the confidence to embrace his newfound self, he joins the rest of the team in defeating Deathstroke.

What to expect from “Titans” season 3

While the plot is currently hidden from the viewers, season 3 will continue where season two left off. A new team will form under the leadership of Dick Grayson. The third installment will take the titans to Gotham City, leaving San Francisco.

Even though an original titan, Donna Troy, got killed in the last season, other characters will soon be joining the team. Season 3 will introduce Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow. Barbara Gordon is the commissioner of Gotham City PD. At the same time, Jason Todd will become Red Hood.

A new Instagram photo reveals the Wayne Manor

The series’ cinematographer, Boris Mojsovski, reveals on his official Instagram account that the filming has started this week. He shared two images that tease the fans of what to expect in the next installment.

The first photo is a bottle of hand sanitizer with the label, Titans, and the other one is an image of the Wayne Manor. The Wayne Manor is just one of the many changes in the series across its two-season-run. It will be interesting to note that the series will be getting a dose of Batman vibes in season 3.

Image Courtesy of DC/YouTube Screenshot

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