TNEA 2020: 163 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu face a crisis

Most engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu face a crisis this year.

The Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE) conducted the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission (TNEA) this month. This year, there is a drop in engineering admissions due to various factors, particularly noting the COVID-19 crisis.

Many of the engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu may not now be able to suffice their expenses towards salary for faculties, electricity bills, and maintenance. In fact, a minimum of at least 60% of admission is necessary to break even, but only 100 colleges have crossed their marks.

According to experts, 50 to 100 colleges may close this year due to a decrease in admission, which is more than the number that did over the last three years.

TNEA 2020: Counselling procedure

The first round of counseling was started on Oct. 8, and the provisional allotment was published on Oct. 16. The aggregate mark range of first-round counseling is from 199.667 to 175, and the rank for the first round counseling is allotted between 1 to 12263, based on their marks.

Besides, the second round of counseling was commenced on Oct. 12. The aggregate mark is set from 174.75 to 145.5, and the rank is from 12264 to 35167.

The third round of counseling officially started on Oct. 16. The aggregate mark is between 145 to 111.75, while the rank is given from 35168 to 70300.

The fourth round’s rank comes between 70301 and 110873 for scoring 111.5 to 77.5 cut-offs in their 12th grade. The final round of counseling was started on Oct. 20.

A huge drop in engineering admission

A total of 461 colleges took part in the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission (TNEA) counseling process this year. According to reports given by TNEA, 163 colleges out of 461 colleges are reserved less than 20% seats. At the same time, 103 colleges in the same filled only less than 10% seats. According to educationalists, there is a chance for 50-100 colleges to shut this year. This is more than the number that did over the last year.

Reports of Educationalists

Many of these colleges may not be able to survive this year for their basic expenses. This situation is tough for those colleges. Therefore, educational experts demand the Tamil Nadu government to save students until they earn their degree and faculty members in those colleges.

COVID-19 crisis has compounded the problem for engineering colleges, which are already facing a poor admission trend due to a lack of job opportunities for engineers in various industries.

The educational experts highly expect that from 507 engineering colleges in 2018-19, the number has come down to 461 in 2020-21 due to this huge drop in undergraduate engineering admission this year.

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