‘To Your Eternity’ Episode 10: Will Fushi obey his creator?

To Your Eternity Episode 9

Fushi and Gugu will be in danger in To Your Eternity Episode 10. After a mysterious enemy appears in front of them, can the two bring the monster down?

Fushi sees Guju as a big brother. So, they will be working together again in To Your Eternity Episode 10 when something terrible happens.

New Episode Spoilers, Theories and More

Fushi and Gugu may face the initial’s creator in the upcoming installment. The enemy may try to harm them again and it is now up to these two if they can escape or defeat it.

Titled “New Family,” the new episode will continue Fushi’s fight against the creator. It looks like the enemy has a specific goal in mind and that involves Fushi.

Can he accomplish his mission in To Your Eternity Episode 10?

The creator can’t accept the truth that his creation is now living a life like a natural person.

So, it plans to attack him surprisingly to remind him of his real intention on Earth.

The creator will not send Fushi into the human world for nothing, so will he follow his creator this time?

According to Epic Dope, Gugu may be in danger in the two’s fight. He is not immortal like Fushi, so can the latter keep him safe?

It looks like death and trouble are always on Fushi’s back. Will this thing change soon?

There are theories Gugu’s actions will save Fushi from his creator. So, these two may work together to bring down the nokker.

Episode 9 Recap

In To Your Eternity Episode 9, Gugu and Fushi had developed a strong bond after pranking the locals.

Fushi learned he could create food, while Gugu taught him about death, per The Cinemaholic.

The latter believed Fushi could recreate someone’s appearance due to the reaction to emotional pain.

This imposed a question in Gugu’s mind, thinking if Fushi would impersonate him if he died. He then told Fushi about him, his brother and the family they lived with.

Sadly, this family left, abandoning the two behind.

Later, Rean found Gugu and Fushi and started to berate Gugu for running away. Rean then began telling Gugu about her own problems.

After that, Gugu returned to the brewer’s house when the woman who looked after Rean appeared.

Gugu asked Fushi to get the woman’s attention so that they could escape. However, a nokker appeared and attacked Fushi.

What happens from here can be seen when To Your Eternity Episode 10 drops on Monday, June 14.

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