Tobias Harris maintains the Sixers can win the NBA championship

Tobias Harris maintains the Sixers want and can win the NBA championship

Tobias Harris maintains that his team can win it all this year despite the chemistry issues plaguing their locker room.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been underwhelming so far this season. Besides the Celtics and the Bucks, the Sixers are the next favored team to move into the Finals from the East. Unfortunately, their 39-26 doesn’t reflect the hype around them. In fact, the reigning NBA champions Toronto Raptors are looking more like a gelled team than the star-studded Sixers.

Tobias Harris thinks the Sixers can be NBA champions

Harris admits that the chemistry of the team has been rocky this season. He attributes this mostly to the injuries that haunted the team from the start of the season. Also, the front office has been moving key pieces in and out of the roster the past few seasons. As a result, the key pieces on the team had to adjust year by year.

Harris said,

“I’ll just say, and I’ll keep it real, we haven’t had the best chemistry throughout the whole year. It took us a while to kind of get everyone together, we battled injuries from the start to the end.”

NBA ‘sleepers’

Charles Barkley still thinks that the Sixers are the sleepers this season. He has maintained the same position ever since a healthy Simmons and Embiid joined forces on the court. This year Barkley still hopes that the Sixers fix their issues internally to give a good rally for the Finals. Harris seems to agree with this. He said,

“And right now, if we’re the sleeper, then we’re the sleeper. Truth be told, how we’re viewed, that’s someone else’s opinion, but I know when I look my guys in the eye and we have conversations, we have one goal in mind, and that’s to go out there and play and win a championship.”

The situation in the East

The fight in the East will not be as intense as the battle in the West. The top eight teams from the Bucks to Magic have virtually cemented their spots in the Playoffs. However, the Sixers have to work hard to prevent an early exit.

They will need more time to gel before being ready to face the top four teams in the East. If the Playoffs started today, they’d have to face the hungry Boston Celtics. If they want to prevent this, they would have to climb up to the spots of either the Celtics or the Heat.

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