Tobiwan denies sexual harassment allegations, quits eSports industry

Tobiwan denies sexual harassment allegations, quits eSports industry

Dota 2 personality, Tobiwan, has denied the sexual harassment allegations thrown at him. The “voice of Dota 2″ has announced his departure from the eSports industry.

Toby “Tobiwan” Dawson denounced the allegations and maintained his innocence in his Facebook post. He also said that it was horrifying to see his personal history “stripped of all context.”

According to his statement, “those who have made serious allegations against me should follow the proper process through the law.”

The Dota 2 commentator ended his statement with his retirement from Dota 2 and other eSports activities.

Posted by Tobiwandota on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tobiwan and his changing narrative

The Dota 2 community still has mixed reactions with what is happening. Some sided with Tobiwan asking people to give him some slack.

However, others condemned his move and criticized his changing narrative.

Tobiwan posted an apology last June 25 through Twitlonger. It was also posted on the Reddit r/Dota2 community. But it was immediately deleted due to the backlash he received.

Dawson already deleted his Reddit account. But a copy of his first apology is still available. On that post, he admitted to having done “horrible actions in the past.”

This was a comment from discussion a “Tobi – Please read my thoughts following the experiences shared over the last weeks.”

Criticism of his current statement rooted in his first apology. He first posted an admission of wrongdoings. But the popular caster is now maintaining his innocence.

“He first reacted to allegations by apologizing here on Reddit. Then on a now-deleted Twitlonger, then he changed his narrative to pure innocence,” said u/BarfingRainbows 1 on the latest Tobiwan thread.

“He’s done absolutely nothing to show innocence, whilst the accusing parties have presented chat logs that fit what they have said. This is just an attempt to make us feel sorry for him.” the user added.

What happened?

The sexual harassment issue came forth after several eSports personalities were outed. TobiWan tried to be a white knight stating that he is siding with the victims.

However, Tobiwan’s allegations were posted not long after. A Twitter user name “Meruna” posted that he was a victim of Dawson.

According to Meruna, Tobiwan did not take no for an answer.

Another user named Botjira posted what transpired between her and Tobiwan. Her tweet said that Tobiwan pinned her in a hotel room.

Beyond the Summit producer, Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen, also released a statement regarding what happened between Meruna and Tobiwan.

Tobiwan out of Dota 2 events

Before Dawson announced his retirement, Valve removed his popular voice lines in the Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass.

Beyond the Summit also posted that they will no longer be working with TobiWan. BTS is also banning Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho due to these allegations.

Meanwhile, Dota 2 personalities do not want to be associated with Tobiwan. His casting partner, Troels “syndereN” Nielsen said that he will no longer work with Dawson. This comes after several years of being in the community.

Owen “ODPixel” Davis also said that he will not attend any events that will hire Tobiwan. His post mentioned that there is no place for someone like Dawson in the Dota 2 community.

Austin “capitalist” Walsh shared the same sentiment as his fellow casters. He called out Tobiwan’s actions.

Tobiwan might have the most iconic Dota 2 voice lines. However, he is currently remembered as something else today. The issue is still developing and hopefully, the truth shall be out soon.

Featured image used courtesy of Dota Archives/YouTube Screenshot


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