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TobiWan ‘Dota 2’ voice lines replaced by Valve due to sexual harassment


Dota 2 top caster and commentator, TobiWan, has been bombarded with sexual harassment allegations. Valve responded quickly by replacing his in-game voice lines.

Toby “TobiWan” Dawson is one of the most iconic casters in the DoTA 2 community. He has a lot of voice lines included in-game. This mainly due to his overhyped casting that pumped up the audiences during previous Dota 2 tournaments.

However, Valve is not taking sexual allegations softly. The company decided to remove his voice lines in-game.

Popular Dota 2 insider, Wykrhm Reddy, shed light on what happened on his Facebook post. According to Reddy, the Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass will no longer include voice lines from Dawson.

How did this all happen?

The sexual harassment talks in the Dota 2 community started recently. Evil Geniuses removed Grant “GranDGrant” Harris from its roster. This comes after reports of sexual misconduct done by Harris came out.

TobiWan echoed the sentiments of the victims. However, it was not long until his victims speak out about TobiWan’s sexual misconduct.

Popular cosplayer, Meruna, was the first one to come out with her story. According to Meruna, TobiWan does not take no for an answer. Her full tweet discloses the sexual advances that Dawson tried on her.

Moreover, it is also worth noting that Meruna is currently dating Troels “syndereN” Nielsen, a well-known Dota 2 player and commentator.

SyndereN has been working with TobiWan on and off cam since The International 2. However, Meruna and Synderen were not together yet when the ordeal happened.

As of this moment, Synderen has announced that he will no longer be working with Toby.

TobiWan sexual allegations discussed in the Dota 2 community

Fellow Dota 2 commentator, Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, expressed his dissent over TobiWan’s action.

David “LD” Gorman said on his Twitter that there should be a process before canceling out people.

However, Owen “ODPixel” Davies, quickly countered his statement. Davies mentioned that there is no place for Tobi in the Dota 2 community.

Davies followed up with another tweet statement in which he said, “We have the right to use our judgment to decide who we do not want to associate with, in order to make the scene as safe, welcoming and inclusive for all.”

“Nobody is being convicted from messages alone and for that to happen OF COURSE it would have to go through a court of law,” Davies added.

Behind the Summit blacklisting Dota 2 personalities

Gorman has announced that TobiWan will not take part in any Behind the Summit events in the future. This statement arrived after Dawson posted a half-baked apology on Twitter.

TobiWan has deleted the tweet since.

Moreover, Beyond the Summit is banning another Dota 2 personality besides TobiWan.

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, former pro player and commentator, is also blacklisted on all BTS productions and future events.

Several reports arose that DeMoN has sexually harassed multiple women in different instances.

Ho played for teams like Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Team Liquid, and TNC.

Eleine Sun, a former Twitch employee, dropped the bomb on DeMoN’s actions via Twitter. BTS producer, Ken Chen, echoed Sun’s statements.

Nonetheless, Valve has no official remarks yet besides the removal of TobiWan’s voice lines. People are still waiting if Valve will impose sanctions on the involved persons.

Images used Dota 2/Facebook, Dota Archives/Youtube Screenshots

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