Todd Howard and Bethesda auctions chance for a ‘Starfield’ NPC


As Bethesda fans are eagerly waiting for Starfield, Todd Howard is selling a chance to “create your own character” for charity.

Bethesda paired up with Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic’s Evening of Wishes 2021. In this event, the game devs are putting up a few prizes as a bundle for the event.

The most coveted prize, however, is the chance to meet Todd Howard and the rest of the Bethesda Game Studios. The winner can also get a character created for him in Starfield.

Auction involves Xbox Series X prize

The Evening of Wishes 2021 event is a gathering for a variety of different auctions. All auction proceeds will support the organization’s efforts, with various companies pitching in. Bethesda itself will be adding their own auction into the pot.

The auction itself involves getting a special Xbox Series X, together with a bundle of Bethesda titles. From the tweet, it seems this will include the likes of DOOM Eternal, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls series, Wolfenstein, and more.

“We’re delighted to provide the opportunity to design a character for Starfield to one lucky winner – as well as an Xbox Series X and a bunch games,” says the tweet.

The star of the Bethesda auction, however, is a visit to the offices of Bethesda Studios for a chance to create a personalized character for Starfield.

Bethesda auction lets players create personalized character

From the description of the auction listing itself, it seems the winner has options. They can get either a personalized character of their choice or an NPC look-alike. Of course, fans can also meet and greet all the devs, with executive producer Todd Howard at the helm.

“Everyone loves creating their own version of the hero of their games, but very few players get to actually BECOME a character within a game itself,” says the listing.

“The winner of this package will work with the award-winning team at Bethesda Game Studios, including executive producer Todd Howard, to create a character for their highly anticipated upcoming game, Starfield! But it doesn’t stop there. You will also win a brand-new, hard-to-find Xbox Series X, and 16 of Bethesda games, including The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, DOOM and many more.”

The create a character prize will come around three months after February, so that falls around May. More intriguing, however, is for the winner to find out how far Starfield really is.

Currently, there are tons of rumors that put Starfield for a potential 2021 release, but Todd Howard is mum about it. The auction itself will end on February 28, 5 PM EST. Interested bidders can see the listing on the official Evening of Wishes 2021 list.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda Studios/Twitter

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