Todd Howard secretly got an exclusive game honoring his Lifetime Achievement Award

Todd Howard as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award during GDC 2016

Bethesda’s top exec was once a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award back at GDC in 2016, which raised a silly joke that questions how much such feat would be equivalent in Xbox “achievement points.” Microsoft responded several months later with a game made exclusively for Todd, which reveals the answer.

Back in GDC, Todd Howard claimed an award that is not usually given to anyone in the industry. Despite lacking the white hairs that would commonly be associated with a senior, the man nonetheless received the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” A feat only given to someone who made a significant contribution to the industry that is not always easy to landscape.

The funny guy as Todd is, he was quoted into asking a seemingly innocuous question that relates his award to “achievement points” in the Xbox system. Taking it for its rather insincere meaning, Microsoft reacted by concocting a product that reveals the answer to the query. It came in a form of a game with a very ostensive message at the get-go.

The “Todd Howard” Game

The exclusive title in question is, unsurprisingly, Todd Howard itself. Which, if it is not any strong indication, is purposely meant as a special gift to the man behind the company that generated some beloved titles throughout the years. More importantly, the gesture is aimed at honoring Howard’s attainment of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

With a condition that the game sees its first launch, an achievement pops up. Displaying the number of points that are tantamount to the accolade he had previously gotten. As it appears, it is worth 1000G.

Those who play on the Xbox platform know the value of a 1000G. It is the highest point there is, thus far, surpassing the previous highest point of 500G. That was even going as far back as the Xbox 360, which means to say that nobody in the platform would ever get to get the same amount of points in a single game than Howard. At least, in the meantime.

That, also, is not considering the fact that the system sees alteration, reducing any individual attainment to just 200G.

Moving Forward

Looking back to that fateful moment, Todd Howard reminisces on the sweet memory. One which he claims “sits in my list [of achievements]” and one that gives him a “smile every time.”

With the recent acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, by Microsoft, Howard is looking forward to future achievements. Something he wishes people participate in and, therefore, unlock them with him “together.”

Image used courtesy of Argoniawind E.S./YouTube Screenshot

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