Tokenplace lets crypto investors make trades on multiple exchanges


The thousands of newly minted crypto millionaires can attest that there’s money to be made in the cryptocurrency market.

TokenPlace is now making investing in digital currencies easier even for new investors by offering a platform that allows them to make trades in multiple exchanges to get the best price deals possible.

Access the entire market through one Tokenplace account

With cryptocurrency adoption on the rise, it’s a no brainer that trading activity is bound to explode worldwide. In fact, the number of highly active traders is projected to reach 3.4 million this year bringing in monthly volumes of up to $100 million.

But the current crypto trading infrastructure can be a headache, especially for new investors. The user interfaces (UI) in most exchanges are rather complex and the rather ambiguous regulatory status of cryptocurrencies in different jurisdictions often force traders to open accounts in different platforms to go around the varying requirements and restrictions imposed by governments.

Tokenplace aims to eliminate these problems by offering a user-friend and widely inclusive crypto trading terminal. The idea is simple and that is to give users access to the entire crypto market through one Tokenplace account.

Advantages of using the Tokenplace platform

Users will only need one Tokenplace account and password to gain access to the crypto market. This setup is a lot simpler compared to using different exchange accounts for different trading pairs.

The platform is also very easy to use with a single window for deposits, withdrawal, trading, and exchanging, which is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Onboarding is also hassle-free with its one-time registration process.

Users can also take advantage of Tokenplace’s advanced algorithms for multi-exchange order splitting. Since the entire crypto market is accessible by the user, they can get the best buy and sell prices at any given time.


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