Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be canceled if not pushed through in 2021

Olympics will be canceled if the Games will not push through in 2021

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be completely canceled if the Games will not push through in 2021, the chief organizer of the Games said.

For Tokyo 2020 Olympics president Yoshiro Mori, there will be no further postponement, and if the Games will not be held next year, then it is better to “scrap” the Games altogether.

Delays more likely as pandemic continues to wreak havoc worldwide

After extensive deliberations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese organizers in March decided to move the Games to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, medical experts have warned that the pandemic may still have an impact by 2021, as cases continue to rise. Further, an effective vaccine against COVID-19 has yet to be discovered.

These concerns have raised questions on whether it is feasible for Tokyo 2020 to be held in 2021.

Thus, another postponement, this time in 2022, seems to be a likely scenario.

No further postponement

For Mori, however, a further postponement is out of the question. Despite the gloomy outlook, Mori said he is confident that Tokyo 2020 organizers can pull it off in July 2021.

Mori said Tokyo 2020 is more valuable than other Olympics, as it will symbolize the world’s victory against an “invisible enemy.”

In the past, the only reason why the Olympic Games have been postponed was due to war.

This time, according to Mori, successfully holding the Games in 2021 means “we have won the battle.”

Sporting events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Olympics and Paralympics opening ceremonies

Mori also said the Olympics and Paralympics could hold just one opening and closing ceremonies.

This arrangement, Mori said, will reduce costs. Organizers are studying this option although tickets for separate Olympics and Paralympics ceremonies have already been sold out.

The IOC and Japanese organizers are also continuing to look into the Tokyo 2020 funding, as the delay means more costs.

Before the postponement in March, the IOC and Japan have set aside US$12.6 billion [AU$19.4 billion], which could balloon to nearly $15 billion due to the delays.

COVID-19 halts global events

Tokyo 2020 might be the biggest global event to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but other major events, including the National Basketball Association, the NFL, and Comic-con 2020, among many others, have all been canceled or postponed.

The birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth had also been canceled. The British monarch said celebrating her birthday is “inappropriate” during these challenging times.

Images courtesy of Capri23auto/Pixabay, Vikthar Masalovic/Pixabay

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