‘Tokyo Ghoul’: Is Sui Ishida’s ‘Chojin X’ related to Ken Kaneki’s story?

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida announced a new manga, titled Chojin X or Superuman X in English. The manga artist revealed he had finished doing his new series’ storyboard, teasing it might soon come.

Ishida announced the news on Twitter, along with a black-and-white image of a man, who could be the Chojin X. Would the new manga be the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul or a whole new series?

A mysterious manga project

Ishida didn’t give much detail about his new project, but he seemed to tease its plotline.

“I fell asleep after finishing the name of my new work yesterday,” the English translation of his tweet read. “I dreamed of Kaneki and Talker in my heart.”

In his dreams, he held a lot of talks about bringing Mr. Mado down and fighting mysterious foods. Although it was quite weird, he found it fun.

“It seemed to be said to have fun,” he continued. “The title of the new work is Superman X. Enjoy at your own pace.”

Does this mean Chojin X has something to do with Tokyo Ghoul? Hopefully, Ishida will give more details about the new manga.

So far, he has yet to reveal anything aside from the title and the image. The official synopsis and the release date also remain unknown.

A connection to the much-loved supernatural franchise

According to Comicbook, Ishida has been hinting at his new project since April.

When he returned to the world of social media after a hiatus in the said month, he teased something new was in the works.

He shared several new sketches at the time, hinting at the coming of a new potential series. The post made fans cast their own theories, especially about its plot.

Some fans hoped this then-unnamed project would be a new installment for Tokyo Ghoul. Mainly it had been years since they last saw anything about Ken Kaneki’s story.

Until today, the future of the much-loved supernatural franchise remains unclear.

Ishida managed to create a big name after his dark fantasy series was serialized in 2011 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine. It was later adapted into a light novel and anime series, per AniRadio Plus.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 first hit the small screens in July 2014 in Japan. Season 2, titled Tokyo Ghoul VA, followed in January 2015.

After that, a live-action movie based on the manga was dropped in July 2017. A new anime adaptation, based on the manga sequel, Tokyo Ghoul: re, was then out in 2018.

Since then, nothing was heard about the future of Tokyo Ghoul.

Featured image used courtesy of animelab/Youtube Screenshot

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