Tokyo Olympics streaming is mess in any platform


Thinking of several ways to watch the Tokyo Olympics is frustrating. NBC issued the broadcasting rights for the US, which in turn helped it gain much more subscribers.

Streaming the online Olympics shouldn’t have been trouble like that of this year. This year, streaming of the Tokyo Olympics is difficult. Peacock, the online streaming service of NBC, showcases the Game’s top moments.

The coverage by Peacock was a problem straight out of the gate. The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics wasn’t telecasted on the streaming service (though the closing ceremony will). The opening service was telecasted on the NBC Olympics official website.

The streaming platform is paywall men’s basketball. Undoubtedly, this is being done to increase the number of paid subscribers of Peacock. Live coverage and broadcasting of other events are available for free on Peacock.

What is the issue with Peacock regarding the Tokyo Olympics?

Watching the events on Peacock also misses out on one of the eminent promises made for the 2020 Games by NBC, i.e., 4K coverage. Peacock doesn’t support 4K coverage. There is much another streaming platform where 4K games feed are available, but Peacock still is not showing up the 4K coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

One needs to switch on the TV or live TV service to watch the games on 4K. About the 4K resolution, there are still various problems associated with it. Availability of 4K coverage is still inconsistent in the US.

It depends on where you are geographically located, what plan you are subscribing to, and your watching program. YouTube TV and Comcast offer 4K coverage in several cities.

The bottom line of the content

But other services like FuboTV and Verizon Fios only provide such services in few cities compared to YouTube TV and Comcast. If a user is outside of that location, there is a tough-luck case for them.

Live NBC coverage is streamed in 4K sometimes, in some places. NBC is also providing 4K coverage of few games at certain times. On the contrary, other markets will only get the opportunity of 4K re-airings the following day.

Alternately, this can lead to severe confusion if you are paying an extra amount on YouTube for 4K coverage services. YouTube has recently started a 4K Plus add-on. Alternatively, every 4K Plus subscriber can see the live Olympic events at the Olympics channel and Golf channel.

One can even see it as a re-airing the following day of primetime NBC coverage. 4K primetime coverage from NBC is limited to around 50 markets.


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