‘Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 211: What will be Draken’s decision

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211

Draken has finally entered the scene and he may change the game in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211.

A lot of big decisions have to be made in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211. As the final arc has officially begun, there will be big changes coming in the plot, especially with the three major gang leaders’ arrival.

A Big Change in Plot

Takemichi travels back in time because of Mikey. The time traveler is now responsible for their friendship and he is willing to take all the necessary measures to save his friend’s life.

So, what will happen from here?

According to Recent Highlights, it is highly likely that Draken will avoid the gang led by Terano South.

Takemichi and Inupi’s presence at the scene has changed almost everything and Draken may decide to keep the two safe from Terrano.

Takemichi is known for not running from the fight and may even support Draken whatever his decision is.

If a brawl between Draken and Terano ensues, then Takemichi will be all willing to join the fight.

Anyhow, Takemichi has successfully established a name in Tokyo Manji, too. Even before the gang has dissolved, he already climbed to the top, getting the first division’s leader post.

By the looks of it, what will happen in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211 will all depend on Draken’s decision.

Chapter 210 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 210, Takemichi met Drake after the latter worked on his bike.

The protagonist revealed he was the Takemichi from the future and returned to help Mikey, Game n Guides noted. However, Draken told Takemich they could not do anything about it as the old Mikey was already gone.

Draken said meeting Mikey was like committing suicide as the latter would not hesitate to kill him.

Takemichi then recalled what happened before the time leap when Mikey shot him himself.

So, the two just walked around town when they unexpectedly met Sheishu Inui or aka Inupi.

An unknown man was dragging Inupi around, and the mysterious guy turned out to be Terano, the Tokuhara Tandai leader.

Terano could be equally powerful like Mikey. Later, they were already surrounded by a group of bikers.

South Tereano went to Draken after he got off his bike and invited the Tokyo Maji Gang leader.

What happens from here can be seen on the release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211 on Wednesday, June 23.

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