‘Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 213: Will Takemichi, Drake join different gangs?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213 has to answer a lot of questions. As a big war is about to ensue, whose side Takemichi will be on?

Will he join Akashi Takeomi? Will Draken be part of Terano South’s group? It looks like they are about to make tough decisions in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213.

A War Between The Top Gangs

Takemichi has to save Mikey’s life. But with the addition of several new characters, his mission is now hard to fulfill more than ever.

A war between the top gangs is about to begin. They are now claiming their own members and it looks like one of them is eyeing Takemichi.

Terano badly wants Drake to his group, while Brahman Gang’s top dog, Akashi, wants the protagonist.

According to Recent Highlights, Akashi is Black Dragon’s former member. He also used to be its first-generation vice-captain.

He has worked alongside Sano Manjiro, Mikey’s older brother, and also one of Black Dragon’s founding members.

Takemichi once accepted Inupi’s offer to be Black Dragon’s vice-captain, so he was not new to the group.

Will Akashi form a new Black Dragon gang with Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213?

Alternatively, Draken already refused Terano’s offer. He said he was already retired and had no plans to join any gang.

However, with Takemichi in front of him, it looks like everything has changed.

Draken may join Takemichi instead if he accepts Akashi’s offer. He may try to save him or the opposite may happen.

Takemichi may protect him from Terano’s threat. Anyhow, no one knows what their decisions will be until Mikey enters the scene.

The Hooded Guy’s Arrival

IBTimes noted Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 featured the arrival of the Brahman Gang’s deity, Karawagi Senju, or the hooded guy.

Senju seems to share a lot of traits with Mikey. In fact, some say he is the long-lost twin of the Tokyo Manji Gang leader.

Does Brahman hold the key to Mikey’s redemption? It has been known that it has a connection with Mikey’s older brother.

He is also interested in Takemichi, probably, because he is a time traveler. He may also know that he is Mikey’s last hope to save him from his situation.

Sure, Takemichi is brave, but he has no idea about any fight or combat.

However, if they indeed know Takemichi’s time-leaping ability, how did they do so? Is their intention pure or they have evil plans against him?

Find out when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213 drops on Tuesday, July 6.

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