‘Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 214 to begin South Terrano, Draken’s fight again

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214

Fans are about to witness an intense battle between Draken and South Terrano in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214.

The previous episode showed how Drake dared South to continue where they left off and “get this party started.” As he seemed to be referring to a fight, Drake might heat his engines again in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214.

South and Draken’s Face-Off

According to IBTimes, the next installment may feature the one-on-one fight of South and Draken.

Everybody knows South’s skill when it comes to street fights, so he is indeed a formidable foe for Draken.

His name is one of the most known in the world of delinquents, making him one of the fiercest warriors in the game.

He is also one of the strongest top-tier executives in Tokyo. With these feats, can Draken bring someone like South down in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214?

Of course, he can do so! Fans also know what Draken can do during a fierce battle.

Anyhow, it has been a while since he was last involved in a battle. Can Draken still make it?

Though he let South beat everything out of him before, he may not let him do it this time.

Chapter 213 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213, fans met Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai.

Game n Guides noted these two would play major roles in the upcoming big fight of South and Draken.

They are delinquents who are the first members of Black Dragon.

Fans saw in the previous chapters that Shion Madarame, the former 9th generation Black Dragon leader, was part of Rokuhara.

Though many believed Akashi Takeomi and Shion Madarame were the only ones from Black Dragon, Brahman and Rokuhara proved they were more the formidable fighters the gang had.

Chapter 213 introduced some of these high-ranking delinquents, starting with Brahman. It also showed Keizo Arashi and Wakasa Imaushi, who used to be Black Dragon founding members.

As the first generation members, they saw how Black Dragon dominated the underground world of Japan.

In addition, the previous episode also ended with a major cliffhanger that made the next installment more thrilling.

Draken got really pumped up when he saw some faces from the past, like these former Black Dragon members.

So, he asked South to continue the fight that they started even before Brahman arrived.

What would be these two’s roles in their battle?

Find out when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 releases on Wednesday, July 14.

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