‘Tokyo Revengers’ Episode 11: Will Draken survive?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11

Drake has to be taken to the hospital in Tokyo Revengers Episode 11, titled “Respect.”

Takemichi and his friends had successfully defeated Kiyomasa to save Draken from execution. However, the latter ended up being stabbed and they now needed to protect him in Tokyo Revengers Episode 11.

New Episode Spoilers, Teasers, Previews and More

The anime’s official website drops the new episode’s stills and synopsis, focusing on Draken.

According to IBTimes, they are now on their way to take Draken to the hospital. However, with the excessive blood loss, can the Tokyo Manji Gang’s founding member survive?

His condition is now deteriorating and it remains to be seen if he can make it. However, if he manages to survive, it may only mean that Takemichi has successfully changed the future.

Fortunately, the fight between the Toman gang and Moebius is now over. Tomas has finally put Moebius down, though Shuji Hanma remains standing.

Hanma warns Valhalla will be the most “feared biker gang” in the Kanto region before zooming on his bike.

He then says he will become one of the group’s leaders, which seems to threaten that he will strike back.

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 11 teaser photos, Akkun and others are seen after the fight with Kiyomasa.

Episode 10 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 10, Takemich found Draken swimming in his own pool of blood. So he initially thought the gang’s vice president was already dead, that he ended up crying and thinking he had failed his mission.

Mikey then heard him and asked what the problem was, The Cinemaholic noted. After learning what happened to Draken, he quickly tried to lift him, but Hanma stopped him.

Draken then coughed out blood, showing everyone he was still alive. Takemichi quickly carried Draken on his back to bring him to the hospital

Hinata and Emma then arrived and told him the ambulance was already on its way. Takemichi then saw Kiyomasa coming their way, along with his crew.

Takemichi tried his best to hide his fears and doubts. Finally, he stood up to Kiyomasa and dared him to finish their fight.

Kiyomasa vowed to kill Takemichi and started to attack. Without breaking the sweat, the latter choke the enemy until he lost his consciousness.

Despite his stab, Draken stood up to face Kiyomasa’s crew with Takemichi by his side. They asked Hinata and Emma to leave.

However, before the brawl ensued, Takemichi’s friends arrived and protected them until the ambulance came.

What happens to Draken will be seen when Tokyo Revengers Episode 11 drops on Saturday, June 19, on Crunchyroll.

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