‘Tokyo Revengers’ Episode 13: A much brighter future for Takemichi


Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 will begin a new arc where Takemichi is about to start a new mission with the same old goal.

After a significant heartache, Takemichi is about to start anew in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 13. The future seems bright for the protagonist himself, though he still has to be careful of his decisions and moves.

Will he indeed be a part of a new gang and become a leader of it?

The Future of Takemichi

Takemichi is now on his way to climb the top rank and become the leader of the Toman Gang.

Mikey and others are now facing a new nemesis. This new enemy is hiding in the dark and adding more miseries to the group.

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 13, Takemichi and Naoto will research and meet Drake after Hinata’s funeral.

According to Recent Highlights, the latter is in prison and on death row because of the murder cases charged against him.

Draken reveals to Takemichi that Kisaki is the one who is behind the Toman gang’s destruction. He is also the reason why he is imprisoned.

He has also warned Takemichi to escape Tokyo, knowing Kisaki will put everyone who is dear to Mikey in danger.

Kisaki now feels nothing but hate toward Mikey that he wants to kill everyone who has to do with him.

Episode 12 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 12, Takemichi and Hinata finally met each other after saving Draken’s life by facing Kiyomasa.

Despite being nervous, Takemichi and Hinata’s meeting eventually went well, IBTimes noted.

However, Shuji Hanma suddenly appeared and he brought danger to the young time traveler.

He quickly rushed to see Hinata, who was sitting inside the car waiting for him. Akkun then arrived and slammed his vehicle into the woman’s vehicle, resulting in her death.

So, Takemichi went to the future to find Akkun. Here, he found he started to change his life and became a professional hairstylist, which was his lifelong dream.

The accident that killed Hinata also did not happen. So, after his reunion with Naito, he learned Hinata was alive and they went to meet her.

However, seeing he still looked the same, Takemichi felt shy and suddenly decided he did not want to see her yet.

Will Takemichi and Hinata eventually see each other? Find out what happens next when Tokyo Revengers Episode 13 drops on Sunday, July 4.

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