‘Tokyo Revengers’ Episode 15: The arrival of Toman’s sixth and founding member

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15

Fans are now waiting for Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 as it will introduce the last and sixth founding member of the Toman gang.

The big boss will finally make its appearance in Tokyo Revengers Episode 15. And though fans already knew who it is, there will a shocking turn of events.

A Surprising Turn of Events

The protagonist and antagonist will now work together in the anime series.

According to Recent Highlights, the much-awaited part of the upcoming episode is the arrival of Kazutora Hanemiya.

He is the last and sixth founding member of Toman, who happens to be a student where Takemichi studies.

After the class, Hanemiya shows up in front of Takemichi.

He will take Takemichi to the hideout of Valhalla in Tokyo Revengers Episode 15. Here, he will witness Bazi’s faith.

Bazi will have to pass his test of faith if he wants to join Valhalla.

Baji will beat the life out of Mitsuya until Hanma will feel satisfied. Takemichi will see everything that will happen as Baji officially becomes a member of the Valhalla Gang.

By its looks, there is a lot that fans are about to know about Hanemiya’s life in the past. Aside from being a member of Toman, he is also the one who is behind the death of Mikey’s older brother, Sano Manjiro.

So, how will Takemichi handle these problems this time? Can he fulfill his missions despite these turn of events?

It looks like Takemichi will use these moments to gather more information about how Toman and Valhalla operate.

Episode 14 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 14, Takemichi learned that the new third division captain was Kisaki, a former Moebius member.

Mikey told his associates that he wanted to face Valhalla soon and Toman needed to grow for the upcoming battle.

His decision did not only surprise Takemichi but the whole gang. Draken even doubted his planned move, The Cinemaholic noted.

Takemichi then continuously had flashbacks of Hinata, so he hit Kisaki. Draken then reminded Takemichi that he was not a Toman member to do that.

Baji, the first division captain, then punched Takemichi and said he would leave Toman to join Valhalla.

Kisaki knocked Takemichi out. When the latter returned to his senses, Mikey was there.

Mikey asked Takemichi to bring Baji back, to which he agreed but with one condition. He had to kick Kisaki out of Toman.

Mikey agreed but warned him that if he failed, he would kill him. He then inducted Takemichi into a second division Toman member.

Takemichi then found a photograph with six people in it. He wondered who was the sixth person, who Baji would meet.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 will be out Sunday.

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