‘Tokyo Revengers’ Episode 18: The preparation for the all-out war


The war between the Toman gang and the Valhalla gang is nearly approaching in Tokyo Revengers Episode 18. As new developments are about to occur, everyone is now preparing for this all-out war.

Baji has become the biggest devote of Mikey by risking his life by joining the gang of the enemies to be a spy. The secret surrounding the death of Mikey’s brother is now revealed and it looks like he is yet to forgive Kazutora, so what will happen in Tokyo Revengers Episode 18?

The Saving of Mikey

According to Recent Highlights, Baji is still guilty of the crime, so he wants to atone by saving Mikey from Kisaki’s plan.

Fans are about to witness the talk between Mikey and Draken in the next installment. Here, Draken revealed the reason why Mikey killed Kazutora.

Kazutora killed Baji that made Mikey angry, ending up killing him out because of anger.

This only means no one can stop the war, though there are still a lot of loose ends Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 has to solve.

Takemichi will head to Baji to tell him he has to survive the Bloody Halloween. Baji does not mind Takemichi’s words, though he understands how worse the situation is.

Draken will also talk to Kazutora to convince him to cancel the war, but the latter will be determined.

He blames Mikey for his jail time, so he wants to take his revenge. The Toman gang holds a meeting, revealing Mikey’s true feelings about Baji.

He then asks the group to help him bring Baji back. From here, the new episode will begin with Takemichi in the future.

Episode 17 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 17, Takemichi saw how Mikey mercilessly beat Katuzora in a flashback.

He had battered Katuzora until he almost bathed in his own blood, Galajabar noted.

Takemichi was surprised to hear this story from Draken. He realized he could do something so that Mikey would not commit the murderous act.

Draken said that although Mikey killed Katuzora, the police never arrested Mikey because Kisaki prepared a scapegoat who would take responsibility for Mikey’s actions.

From here, Mikey fell and made Toman be a part of Valhalla. After the incident, it was revealed Mikey still led the Toman gang, along with his deputy Kisaki.

Since then, the group continued to grow and even became stronger. Draken revealed it was Kisaki’s real intention to get into Toman to target Mikey.

Fans are about to see what will happen from here in Tokyo Revengers Episode 18.

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