‘Tokyo Revengers’ Episode 3: Can Takemichi defeat Kiyomasa?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 3

Takemichi has to defeat Kiyomasa in Tokyo Revengers Episode 3 in order to free his friends.

He already went back in time to save Naoto and Hinata, but he still needed to stop Sano Manjiro and Kisaki Tetta from meeting each other. There are a lot of things Kiyomasa has to do in Tokyo Revengers Episode 3 to prevent the Tokyo Manji gang from forming and more.

The continuation of Kiyomasa’s fight

According to Epic Dope, the new episode will continue the fight between Takemichi and Kiyamosa.

However, there is a big difference in their power and ability that Takemichi may not stand a chance to against him Kiyamosa.

But, he is already far different from the coward middle-school student that he used to be. He will do his best to bring down the enemy as much as he can, no matter what it takes.

Though it won’t be a one-hit win, Takemichi will surely not give up in Tokyo Revengers Episode 3.

If he happens to beat Kiyomasa, he may have impressed Mikey, and his subordinate Ken “Draken” Ryuuguuji, per The Cinemaholic.

Mikey, or aka Sano Manjiro, is the current leader of the Tokyo Manjiro gang.

He may recruit Takemichi to be part of the group, giving him the chance to stop the accident that will happen 12 years from then.

Episode 2 recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 2, Naota let Takemich learned everything about the Manji Gang through the police reports.

They made a deal that if they shake their hands, Takemichi would go back to the past.

Naoto advised him to ensure that the two current leaders of the gang groups, Mikey and Tetta Kisaki, would never meet each other in the past.

They then shook hands, and Takemichi found himself back in the day. At the time, the young Takemichi and his friends were slaves of Kiyomasa’s gang.

Takemichi then asked Kiyomsa about Mikey and Tetta, but he nearly killed him. His willingness to save Hinata was then renewed after he met her and saw her eagerness to protect him.

The episode ended when Takemichi bravely dared Kiyomasa into a fight. Would Takemichi bring Kiyomasa down, or would he be the one to be defeated?

Find out when the Tokyo Revengers Episode 3 drops on Sunday, April 25. So far, the new episode’s title or preview is yet to be revealed, so fans have to wait a little longer.

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