Tom Cruise begs Katie Holmes to stop behaving like a teenager in front of Suri Cruise: Rumor

Tom Cruise begs Katie Holmes to stop behaving like a teenager in front of Suri Cruise: Rumor

Tom Cruise, allegedly, wants his ex-wife, Katie Holmes to snap back into reality and stop dating Emilio Vitolo.

According to New Idea, Tom Cruise has even gone as far as begging Holmes to stop acting like a teenager in front of their daughter, Suri Cruise.

“Suri is at a very impressionable age. Tom gave in to Katie’s every request when they split, but he’s starting to regret that now. He hopes this is just a phase and Katie and Emilio cool down soon,” the source said.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes’ friends worried about the actress

But it seems the Mission: Impossible star isn’t the only person who’s concerned about Holmes’ dating life. According to Woman’s Day, the actress’s friends are also worried that she would end up with a broken heart.

A source told the tabloid that Vitolo is just using Holmes for fame and called the chef a total wannabe.

“He’s been hanging around celebs for years and wanted his own piece of the action, Katie’s perfect because she was super lonely after splitting from Jamie Foxx and he’s making her feel like a princess. But one wonders how long he’ll keep that up,” the source said.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes' friends worried about the actress 

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo acting like teenagers

Weeks ago, Holmes and Vitolo were photographed canoodling with each other in public. The source claimed that it seems Holmes doesn’t mind who sees her.

“But what’s worrying is she seems oblivious that he was engaged before they [dated] and finally dumper poor Rachel via text. It’s not the best start to any relationship – or a good look for Katie’s reputation – but she’s impervious to what’s being said about them,” the source said.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes’ friends are concerned

The insider also said that Holmes’s loved one doesn’t want to see her humiliated in the end. After all, she went through much during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

“So, a few of her friends have had a quiet word and suggested she should maybe rent it in. Of course, it fell on deaf ears – she has a one-track mind toward Emilio, so everyone just has to hope they’re wrong about him,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Cruise was linked to Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship. Last week, Star claimed that the actor expressed his concern over his ex-wife’s relationship.

However, one should take the tabloids’ claims with a grain of salt. Holmes is an adult and Tom Cruise has nothing to do with her anymore. As such, her personal life is none of the actor’s business.

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