Tom Cruise convinced Demi Moore to be his Scientology bride during their secret dates: Rumor

Tom Cruise convinced Demi Moore to be his Scientology bride during their secret dates: Rumor

Tom Cruise, allegedly, made it his mission to recruit Demi Moore to join Scientology last year.

According to Now to Love, Tom Cruise and Moore secretly dated last year. And one of the topics that they talked about during their hangouts had to do with religion.

Tom Cruise, Demi Moore dating rumors

Cruise and Moore first met in the 90s when they starred in the movie, A Few Good Men. And they, reportedly, stay in touch. The A-listers’ closeness has, allegedly, convinced their friends that Cruise was going to turn Moore into his Scientology bride.

A source told the tabloid last year that Moore was just days away from joining Scientology. But an entire year has passed and the actress still hasn’t joined the religion. There hasn’t also been any confirmation that she and Cruise ever went out on dates in 2019.

Tom Cruise, Demi Moore dating rumors 

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop also debunked the claims after talking to a source close to the situation. The insider confirmed that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect.

The rumor-debunking site also reacted to claims that Cruise is trying to enlist A-listers to join Scientology. Globe previously claimed that the Mission: Impossible star was trying to recruit Miles Teller and Glenn Powell.

Tom Cruise recruiting A-listers to join Scientology

Tom Cruise worked with Teller and Powell in Top Gun: Maverick. And a source told the tabloid that he lectures his co-stars with the teachings of his religion when they’re not filming.

But even though Teller and Powell love Cruise, the actors, allegedly, feel that he’s forcing them too much to join the religion.

Now to Love has also published other dubious claims about Katie Holmes’ ex-husband and Scientology. The tabloid previously claimed that the actor is trying to convince Dakota Johnson to become a Scientologist.

Nicole Kidman broke down over her children’s dedication to Scientology

And they also claimed that Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted children’s decision to join the religion is causing the actress to have a breakdown.

However, this can’t possibly be true because Connor and Isabella have been Scientologists for years. And Kidman is aware that her adopted children chose to follow in their dad’s footsteps. As such, it’s unlikely that she’s surprised by their dedication to the religion.

There have also been other rumors surrounding Cruise that goes beyond his religion. Now to Love claimed that the actor was going to marry Renee Zellweger.

However, it is important to remember that all these rumors surrounding Tom Cruise are incorrect.

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