Tom Cruise deepest secret at risk after car was stolen: rumor

Tom Cruise deepest secret at risk after car was stolen: rumor

Tom Cruise is allegedly worried that his secrets will be exposed after his car was stolen and his belongings were taken by the thieves.

Tom Cruise is in the U.K. to film the seventh installment of Mission: Impossible. He was at work when his BMW X7 was stolen. One outlet claimed that the incident got him worried as his secrets might leak.

Tom Cruise worried because his secret is at risk rumor

Tom Cruise became a victim of theft in the U.K. when his car was stolen. It didn’t take long for the police to recover the vehicle because it has an electronic tracking device. However, everything insider the car, including Cruise’s luggage was gone, The Sun reported.

An insider told National inquirer that the incident was the actor’s “worst nightmare.” There are rumors that he may have had electronic with personal secrets about his business transactions and communications with the Scientology bosses.

The unnamed source speculated that the belongings might help shed light about Danny Mastersons recent rape charges.

“It’s very possible [David] Miscavige [the leader of the Church of Scientology] could have got him to weigh in on strategy when it comes to Masterson,” the tipster added. “If it were discussed on emails and the communication became compromised, Scientology would see that as a huge problem.”

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop looked into the report and debunked it. The rumor-debunking site doubted that Tom Cruise is panicking about the robbery exposing his secrets and alleged problems within Scientology.

Sources told Daily Mail that law enforcement is still looking into the matter. Also, Cruise is only missing some luggage and script. It appeared that the report was making a huge story out of the robbery.

Also, Gossip Cop doubts that the actor secretly left significant items in his car that would crack open for easy blackmail. The rumor-debunking site believed that it is safe to assume that Cruise’s personal information is not at risk.

Gossip Cop also questioned the National Enquirer’s reputation. The tabloid had published several false reports about Cruise and his upcoming movie.

It claimed earlier that Mission: Impossible was delayed for budget reasons, which was not true. As mentioned, they have been filming.

It also alleged that Cruise was being a “control freak.” It also claimed that the actor was unrecognizable after going under several cosmetic procedures. However, Cruise has always looked the same. The tabloid stressed that National Enquirer cannot be trusted when it comes to its reports about Cruise.

Image used courtesy of Inside Edition/YouTube Screenshot

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