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Tom Cruise disappointed that Brad Pitt didn’t join Scientology, thinks he made a mistake: Rumor


Tom Cruise is, allegedly, disappointed that Brad Pitt didn’t push through with his initial plan to become a Scientologist.

According to Star, Brad Pitt participated in bullbaiting, which is an activity wherein he was evaluated. The tactic, reportedly, includes verbally abusing those who wish to join the Church of Scientology to see if they would crack.

Brad Pitt experienced bullbaiting as a Scientologist

For Scientologist Michael Mallen said that he was the one in charge of bullbaiting Pitt. And he, reportedly, did it mercilessly. In the end, Pitt, reportedly, stormed out of the room because he was so upset.

A source told the tabloid that Pitt initially wanted to join Scientology because he was attracted by the buzz surrounding the religion. He also felt that Scientology was his passport to stardom. After all, some big names in Hollywood are part of the religion.

Brad Pitt left Scientology while working with Tom Cruise

However, Pitt eventually chose to leave the religion because he felt that it wasn’t a good fit for him. Last year, he said that he has tried several religions but not all felt right.

“Like, I cling to religion… Tried a few spiritual things, but it didn’t feel right,” he said.

Tom Cruise allegedly disappointed with Brad’s decision

Brad Pitt, reportedly, left Scientology around the same time that he and Cruise worked together in Interview With the Vampire. And according to a source for Star, Cruise is disappointed with his co-star’s decision.

“Tom was disappointed that Brad didn’t stick around. His attitude was that this was Brad’s loss because he missed out on the chance of a wonderful life in the church,” the source said.

But the insider also said that Pitt doesn’t have any regrets. After all, religion just didn’t sit well with him.

“He found the whole process too intense and claustrophobic,” the source said.

The actor’s near-death experience

Last month, there were reports claiming that Pitt had a near-death experience during the ritual called the sweatbox. According to former Scientologist, Sam Domingo revealed that the near-death experience took place just before Pitt quit the religion.

“[It is a] program where they basically load you up with vitamins and you sit in the sauna and sweat for five hours a day. At least four kids have died on these programs. Brad was doing the same one! He was in the sweatbox,” he told Radar Online.

While it is true that Brad Pitt quit Scientology shortly after he joined the religion, it is unclear if Cruise is really disappointed with his decision.

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