Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore’s friends think they’re a perfect match, rooting for them: Rumor

Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore's friends think they're a perfect match, rooting for them: Rumor

Tom Cruise and Drew Barrymore are, allegedly, a perfect match for each other. And their friends are rooting for them to date.

According to New Idea, Tom Cruise and Barrymore have been bonding over their shared interests. However, they only, allegedly, talk on the phone because the actor is filming Mission: Impossible in London.

“Tom has been a secret member of Drew’s squad for a long time now and they first crossed paths 35 years ago when they both became household names around the same time. They have tons of friends in common including Cameron, who is on the phone with Drew every day, plus Steven Spielberg and Adam Sandler,” the source said.

Drew Barrymore asking Tom Cruise for advice

Drew Barrymore asking Tom Cruise for advice

The insider claimed that Barrymore found the perfect excuse to call Cruise on the phone. After all, the 50 First Shades star, allegedly, ask for advice from the actor about her talk show.

“Drew values his input and would love to have him on the show. They’ve been bonding over shared interests like travel and parenting, plus gossiping about everything that’s going on in Hollywood and beyond,” the source said.

As of late, Barrymore and Cruise are both single. But the tabloid said that it’s only a matter of time before the A-listers start to date. Barrymore said during a previous interview that she has not closed her heart to dating, but she just doesn’t know when.

Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore’s friends excited to see their friendship blossom

After Tom Cruise returns to the United States, he will, allegedly, meet up with Barrymore and see where things go from there.

“Tom thinks Drew’s adorable, and she, of course, says he’s totally dreamy and gets better looking with age. She definitely wants to see more of Tom. She gets an incredible buzz every time they talk. And friends are rooting for them too. A lot of people think they’re a great match,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

New Idea is already the third tabloid that has linked Cruise and Barrymore with each other. OK! magazine was the first to say that Barrymore is interested in Katie Holmes’ ex-husband. Woman’s Day also published a similar storyline this week.

However, all three tabloids are unable to provide concrete proof that Barrymore and Tom Cruise have been talking regularly on the phone. As such, one should take their claims with a grain of salt.

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