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Tom Cruise flirting with Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby at the same time: Rumor


Tom Cruise is, allegedly, keen on finding wife number four, and he’s got his eyes set on his Mission: Impossible co-stars, Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby.

According to New Idea, Tom Cruise is getting flirty with his co-stars at the same time.

“He’s following Vanessa around like a puppy one moment and Hayley the next. Tom’s telling them how beautiful they look and how well they played a scene. He’s obviously got the hots for both of them,” the source said.

Tom Cruise goes all out with his efforts for Hayley, Vanessa

To impress Atwell and Kirby, Cruise, allegedly, takes them out on helicopter rides and romantic dinner dates.

The source said that Atwell is flattered that Cruise has taken such interest in her. But the insider also said that Cruise is more smitten with Kirby because they’ve worked together before.

“Vanessa was kind of a villain in Mission: Impossible 6 but Tom was so impressed by her that he made sure she was brought back for more. Vanessa is gorgeous and they have a ton in common. Tom has fallen hard. The whispers are that their relationship has definitely shifted. Trust me, if you’re in the room with them, you can spot the connection,” the source said.

Tom Cruise wants to marry Vanessa Kirby

Tom Cruise is, allegedly, eyeing Kirby to be his fourth bride. And considering the actor hasn’t had a serious relationship since his split from Katie Holmes could, allegedly, mean that he’s ready.

“Tom’s gone from being a little bit like a tumbleweed on the dating scene to possibly facing a choice between two of the industry’s most talented beauties. If I had to wager a guess as to whom he likes more, I’d have to say, Vanessa. She’s just incredibly sassy and stunning, rather like Princess Margaret,” the source said.

Cruise, allegedly, watched Kirby in The Crown and he found the actress even more beguiling in person.

Tom, Vanessa’s alleged connection

Globe also published a similar story about Cruise in this week’s issue. The tabloid claimed that Cruise has made it his mission to find his fourth wife and Kirby is his top pick.

“There was an attraction even back then, but Vanessa had a boyfriend so it didn’t go anywhere. He could picture Vanessa as his wife. She’s the perfect combination of sassy and cool,” a source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Tom Cruise isn’t pining for his co-stars.

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