Tom Cruise going through a mid-life crisis due to estranged relationship with Suri Cruise: Rumor

Tom Cruise going through a mid-life crisis due to estranged relationship with Suri Cruise: Rumor

Tom Cruise is, allegedly, stepping away from Hollywood because his over-the-top behavior is too much for the industry.

The rumors about Tom Cruise quitting Hollywood started two years ago when Woman’s Day called him a broken man. The tabloid claimed that Cruise was going through a midlife crisis after years of being single and estranged from his daughter, Suri Cruise.

According to the insider, Cruise is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood. But his popularity is no longer the same as before. The source claimed that Cruise’s personal life is to blame.

Tom Cruise relocating to London

Years later, Life & Style claimed that Cruise will relocate to London permanently. The actor is currently in the United Kingdom for the filming of Mission: Impossible, but he has not expressed any desire to leave the United States.

Still, the source insisted that Cruise is fed up with the treatment that he’s receiving in the country. As such, he thinks that it would be best for him to just live elsewhere.

“Tom felt like he gets treated better [in England] than in the United States. He got tired of all the Hollywood drama. The negative stories and the focus on his personal life never ends,” the source said.

A-listers gearing up to trash talk Tom Cruise 

A-listers gearing up to trash talk Tom Cruise

Days later, the same tabloid claimed that Hollywood turned against Cruise. A source claimed that a slew of A-listers is gearing up to expose the dirt on the actor.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked all of the tabloids’ claims about Cruise. The actor isn’t quitting Hollywood, and he didn’t also go through a midlife crisis two years ago.

No A-lister has recently spoken negatively about Cruise. But former Scientologist Leah Remini continues to criticize the actor.

The actor needs Reese Witherspoon’s help

Gossip Cop noticed that if the tabloids aren’t accusing Cruise of quitting, they are saying that he needs help reviving his career. This is what National Enquirer said last year.

A source claimed that Cruise tapped Reese Witherspoon to help revive his career by the A-listers working together. However, there is no need for Cruise to revive his career because he’s still one of the most sought after celebrities in Hollywood.

The tabloids have also been speculating on Cruise’s dating life. They have recently been linking the actor to Drew Barrymore.

A source claimed that Tom Cruise and Barrymore have a lot of things in common. And they are, allegedly, planning to go out on a date after Cruise finishes filming Mission: Impossible.

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