Tom Cruise had a meltdown because he can’t afford another box office flop: Rumor

Tom Cruise had a meltdown because he can't afford another box office flop: Rumor

Tom Cruise recently lashed out at two crew members after they, reportedly, broke COVID-19 safety guidelines on set.

Now, Us Weekly is claiming that Tom Cruise is feeling stressed because there’s just too much pressure on him.

“Tom can’t afford a box office flop right now. He’s in a rather sad state and is under a huge amount of stress and strain,” the source said.

Tom Cruise doesn't want his money to go to waste

Tom Cruise doesn’t want his money to go to waste

In September, there were reports that Cruise shelled out $650,000 from his own pocket to buy two cruise ships to house crew members for the shoot.

“Tom saw early on just how deadly and destructive the virus was when he was in Italy and that hardened his stance on following protocols to the letter. He has a job to do, and there’s a lot at stake – for his pride and his wallet. He’s actually appalled anyone would jeopardize filming with an act of such sheer nonsense,” the source.

The insider also said that Cruise is adamant at saying that there’s no margin for error especially when several other productions have been shut down due to the deadly virus.

However, even though Cruise was just trying to make sure that the protocols will be followed, some of his critics are convinced that he overreacted.

Tom Cruise had a meltdown due to his ego

In fact, they are accusing Katie Holmes’ ex-husband of lashing out at the crew members because of his ego.

“Good intentions aside, he didn’t need to rant and rave the way he did. The movie studio no doubt has COVID experts on hand to ensure procedures are followed. It was hardly Tom’s place to scream at everyone from the rooftops,” the source said.

Following the incident, there’s, allegedly, been tension on set. The staff and crew aren’t talking to each other, and they’re also avoiding Cruise.

Who filmed the actor?

Cruise is also, allegedly, on a mission to find out who leaked the recording of him lashing out at his staff.

“There’s a full-blown inquiry being carried out. And when they find out who did it, there will be hell to pay,” the source said.

Since the incident, several personalities came to Cruise’s defense. George Clooney said that he understands why Tom Cruise did what he did.

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