Tom Cruise panicking over Cher’s plans to expose their fling in her memoir: Rumor

Tom Cruise panicking over Cher's plans to expose their fling in her memoir: Rumor

Tom Cruise is, allegedly, stressing after learning that Cher will include their fling in her memoir.

According to National Enquirer, Tom Cruise has a team of people that make sure things he doesn’t want to come to the press are contained. But he can’t seem to stop Cher from spilling the secrets of their fling.

“They had a strong physical attraction when they met at a White House event back in the 80s and eventually, they hooked up. It was very hot, very intense, and over in a matter of weeks. But it left a nice impression on Cher. Cher only has only good things to say about their relationship, but what happened between them could prove very embarrassing if it got out. And Tom doesn’t want that to happen,” the source said.

Tom Cruise, Cher’s fling

The source said that Cruise considers his fling with Cher is ancient history. And he thinks it’s best if the details won’t be divulged to the public. However, Cher, allegedly, has some explosive secrets and intimate details that he wants to share with the world.

“Cher wouldn’t say anything about what she intends to write and wouldn’t promise to leave Tom out. That’s made Tom even more paranoid. He’s wondering if he’s going to have to take legal action,” the source said.

Cher refuses to divulge details from her memoir 

Cher refuses to divulge details from her memoir

The insider insisted that Cher won’t tell anyone the contents of her memoir until they’re complete.

“Lockdown has given her a lot of time for reflection and she’s promising to finish it by the end of the year,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because they’re obviously made-up. The tabloid said that Cher is refusing to share details from her memoir, which means that no one knows for sure if she would talk about Cruise in her memoir.

Gossip Cop also debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that they claimed that Cher will only write good things about Cruise.

This means that Cruise doesn’t have anything to worry about because Cher won’t taint his name and reputation.

Tom Cruise, Cher first and second meeting

Tom Cruise and Cher briefly dated after they first met in 1985 at Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding. Their paths crossed again after they attended an Outstanding Learning Disabled Achiever Award from First Lady Nancy Reagan at the White House.

Since the singer and Tom Cruise are both dyslexic, they were present at the gathering. And then they dated shortly after their second meeting.

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