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Tom Cruise reportedly being groomed to takeover as head of Scientology


Tom Cruise can’t, allegedly, escape Scientology because he will soon replace its head, David Miscavige.

According to Us Weekly, Scientology has been receiving flak in recent months after Leah Remini exposed the dirt on the religion and some of its members. However, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kristie Alley have not decided to quit Scientology.

Tom Cruise will replace Scientology head, David Miscavige soon?

While speaking with the publication, former high-ranking Scientology member Joey Chait said that Cruise cannot escape the religion ever.

If something happens to the head of Scientology, the Mission: Impossible actor will, allegedly, step in.

“He’s been grooming Tom and has publicly said that Tom’s the most dedicated Scientologist he knows,” Chait said.

Tom Cruise will be part of Scientology for the rest of his life

Lawrence Wright, the author of Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, said that Cruise signed a billion-year contract of service with Scientology.

As for Travolta and Alley, their reason for not quitting Scientology is, allegedly, more emotional than Cruise. Alley credited the church for helping with her drug addiction.

Travolta, on the other hand, revealed that the church never left his side following the death of his son, Jett in 2009.

“There’s a shared understanding that they’re committed to the religion for good. The consensus in Hollywood is that they’re basically trapped for life,” a source said.

Leah Remini talks about Katie Holmes’s daughter Suri Cruise

During a recent interview with The Post, Remini said that she thinks Cruise is just waiting for his daughter, Suri to become an adult before he would force her to join Scientology.

“Scientology considers Katie a suppressive person which is an enemy. And therefore Tom believes, like all Scientologists, that he can’t be connected to Suri. I’m sure his master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so that he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother,” she said.

Remini also talked about Cruise’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes, and how she’s, reportedly, protecting her 14-year-old daughter.

“I knew Katie when she was in [Scientology] and she seemed very indoctrinated into Tom’s world. but as time went on, and I understood why she did what she did to protect her daughter. I’m only assuming that there’s some type of agreement to protect her daughter,” Remini said.

Tom Cruise didn’t respond to Remini’s claims and his rep didn’t also respond to the publication’s request for comment. Today, Suri continues to live with her mom, and reports confirmed that she hadn’t seen her dad in years.

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