Tom Cruise: What’s the truth about his dating life?

Tom Cruise: What’s The Truth About His Dating Life?

It has been eight years since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, but the actor has yet to date anyone publicly. The 57-year-old also remains mum about his love life, although rumors are circulating about his dating life. So, what’s the truth about it?

Tom Cruise rarely talks about his personal life in any interview. Hence, he just lets the tabloids make stories about him, not affecting him at all.

The nasty rumors about Tom Cruise

A tabloid claimed that Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband dated the Downton Abbey star, Michelle Dockery. So, where does this rumor come from? It’s because they sat next to other each other at the British Fashion Awards.

“Tom pulled some strings to sit next to Michelle,” an insider said. “He’s confident there’s a chance of him and Michelle making things happen.” However, there was no truth about it as Michelle is dating John Dineen.

Another malicious claim made against Tom Cruise was when he allegedly had a love triangle with Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth. This premise came from the fact that Tom and Renee worked together for Jerry Maguire. Colin also played as her love interest in Bridget Jones movie. Gossip Cop debunked these stories, as Renee’s spokesperson just laughed it off, saying the claim was completely bogus.

There were also rumors that Tom Cruise dated Olivia Munn after they attended the CAA pre-Oscars party. This, too, was not true at all, as Olivia was dating Tucker Roberts for a long while. A source close to Tom even confirmed that the Top Gun star never tried to date Olivia.

Elisabeth Moss breaks her silence over Tom Cruise dating rumors

Aside from these girls, rumors have it that Tom Cruise also dated Elisabeth Moss. So, to finally set the record straight, the Handmaid’s Tale star broke her silence. In an episode of Watch What Happens Life with Andy Cohen last month, she talked about her confusion.

“I actually was confused,” the 37-year-old star said, per Us Weekly. “[I] mainly got texts from people being like, ‘I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me?’”

However, that confusion seemed not true at all, as they were only poking fun at her, knowing it was all lies. Elisabeth Moss then told her The Invisible Man co-star, Aldis Hodge, that she finally “made it” in Hollywood, as people now cared about her dating life.

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