Tom Cruise’s ex-spouses teaming up so he leaves money for children: Rumor

Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman, allegedly, want to make sure that their children will receive what’s rightfully theirs if something happens to Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise, allegedly, insists on doing all his stunts for his upcoming action movie. However, producers of Mission Impossible are encouraging the actor to hire a stunt double instead.

Tom Cruise updating his last will?

According to Woman’s Day, Cruise has been advised to update his last will accordingly because he’s putting his life in danger while filming.

“Tom was shocked. He’s never really thought about his own mortality before. But when you look at it, his estate would have a lot of people crawling out of the woodwork, so he’d want it to be airtight,” the source said.

Cruise has three children. He has two adopted children with Nicole Kidman, Isabella, 27, and Connor, 25. Cruise is, reportedly, close to Connor, so he doesn’t need to worry about his dad’s will.

As for Isabella, she’s currently living a low-key life in London with her family. And she and Cruise are also on good terms.

Suri Cruise in danger of not receiving anything from Tom Cruise?

However, the same cannot, allegedly, be said about Holmes and Cruise’s 14-year-old, Suri. According to previous reports, Tom Cruise doesn’t have a relationship with the teenager. And they have not seen each other in years.

“Suri’s where it could get murky. I could see him withholding an inheritance from her so Katie doesn’t get her hands on it,” the source said.

Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman working together

Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman working together

But the tabloid also suggested that Holmes could be smarter than Cruise. After all, the Dawson’s Creek actress could, allegedly, team up with Kidman to make sure that Suri will be well taken care of.

“Nicole doesn’t have a lot to do with their own two children any more mainly because he froze her out when she wouldn’t get on board with the church. But she’ll be damned if Scientology does her kids out of money that is rightfully theirs,” the source said.

Katie Holmes struggling financially?

According to the tabloid, Holmes and Kidman could also face a problem with their kids’ inheritance if Cruise will decide to give his $790 million fortune to Scientology. The actor could also leave everything with Scientology leader, David Miscavige.

And between Holmes and Kidman, the former is, allegedly, the one that’s more likely to run after Cruise’s money. After all, there are claims that Holmes is struggling with her finances.

“Look, there aren’t a lot of productions going ahead right now and everyone’s got to pay the bills. She has an expensive home and a daughter to take care of. Good on her for finding a way to keep on top of her bank balance,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Kidman and Holmes aren’t teaming up for anything.

It is also unclear if Tom Cruise is updating the contents of his will because this is a private matter.

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