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Tom Ellis leaving ‘Lucifer’ after sixth season


Tom Ellis will leave his spot on the award-winning Netflix series Lucifer soon, and he revealed the reason behind his decision now.

Tom Ellis has been gracing Lucifer since 2016 by playing the titular role of Lucifer. However, he will, reportedly, put an end to his stint already after the sixth season.

For nearly four years, Lucifer broke the records of other series on the streaming giant. It is one of the well-received series on Netflix that it became the biggest TV series to have the most opening weekend.

Even after getting abandoned by Fox, the series proved that it could garner glories alone. In fact, the sixth installment for the series already began.

However, the next season will be considered as its final run. Ellis also clarified that even when the creators decide to create more seasons, he will not join anymore.

Ellis to say goodbye

The 41-year-old Welsh actor recently sat for an interview on the Kings of Con: The Podcast.

According to Ellis, he already decided that he is done playing the titular role after the sixth season.

“Six seasons of the show is a real achievement. It’s been a huge emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do anymore. I know I don’t want to do any more,” he said.

He added that since he knew they are already ending, he already made that decision. Furthermore, he said that he already had a great time with the Lucifer team.

As of the writing, details about Season 5B release is yet to be unveiled. But fans can expect it to arrive in 2021 since they completed the filming.

Moreover, its post-production is up in the heir.

Lucifer update

To see Ellis leave will be truly devastating. But at least, he continues to play the character.

As of the writing, the series already unveiled interesting episodes about Lucifer and his twin brother, Michael.

The actor plays both roles, so it is natural for fans to feel disappointed over his future departure. Meanwhile, even when the series ends, adaptations will surely appear one day.

Aside from tackling the future of the series, Ellis also looked back on how Fox’s cancellation brought him to the lowest point of his life.

“I’d just come off stage doing my Q&A with the audience,” he said, per Express. “And then the call came through. I was at my lowest ebb when I found out about it.”

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