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Tom Felton reminisces ‘Harry Potter’ years, shares cast’s throwback photo


Tom Felton starred as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

Nine years have passed since Harry Potter premiered its final installment. Despite this, the cast members of the film series, especially Tom Felton, have seemingly continued to recall and reminisce their time on set.

Earlier this week, he took his recollection of those years to Instagram. He uploaded a photo of him alongside the other lead stars of the hit film. Us Weekly, later on, deemed the photo as an “epic throwback” amid the pandemic crisis.

Tom Felton and his throwback photo

Tom Felton, who played the role of Draco Malfoy, shared a photo of his younger self, posing together with Daniel Radcliffe, Josh Herdman, and Emma Watson. Rupert Grint is also in it, but only a side of his head made it to the shot.

The 33-year-old actor reportedly used a witty, “fan-created” caption stating, “When your parents make you hang out with the neighbors’ kids.” As seen in the post, they are all wearing their respective costumes for the set of Harry Potter.

Felton credited his co-star Herdman, who played the role of Gregory Goyle, for the “adorable” photo. The publication said that it was Herdman who first uploaded the picture on the platform and “cleverly” captioned it.

He said that this is the “face you make when you have to take a group pic with the enemy.” He also included the hashtags, “Slytherin for life” and “Gryffindor.”

His time on the set of “Harry Potter”

Back in 2011, Tom Felton revealed that he auditioned for the roles of either Harry Potter or Ron Weasley, the characters Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint played on the film series. Despite not getting what he initially auditioned for, he told MTV News that he was “very grateful” just being in the film. But, he felt “even more grateful” when he obtained his role as Harry’s nemesis.

The Ophelia actor, then, credited his co-stars-turned-friends for their skills in playing Harry and Ron. He said that there is “no question” about it as no one could have played the roles better than them.

In his other past appearances, the actor revealed how they all shared a tight bond despite their characters being on different lights of the story. Tom Felton then recalled that Daniel Radcliffe was the “most excited” and “most eager” among all. Because of this, he thinks that everyone latched on to him and followed suit.

Featured image courtesy of Gordon Tarpley/Flickr

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