Tom Hanks approved to donate blood for COVID-19 vaccine study

Tom Hanks approved to donate blood for COVID-19 vaccine study

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are COVID-19 survivors. Now they want to help for vaccine research.

According to reports, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were both approved to donate blood to help find a cure or vaccine for the deadly virus.

The actor revealed this information last week through NPR’s podcast “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”

Carrying antibodies

In the podcast, host Peter Sagal first asked the Forrest Gump actor how he was feeling after suffering COVID-19.

He casually answered, “We are just fine, dandy.” He then narrated how they had all the flu-like symptoms and how his wife had it worse than him. Hanks said in a different interview that Wilson had a very high temperature and even lost her sense of taste and smell.

Sagal then asked Hanks if he was now immune after acquiring and surviving the virus. Hanks then revealed that they did just find out that they carry the antibodies.

And when asked if they can harvest blood from him, Hanks answered a straight yes. He then also revealed that apart from being approached for their blood, they offered to donate blood and plasma.

He said that they are hoping to give to centers that are hopefully working on coming up with a vaccine. And as a joke, he said that he has already prepared a name for the vaccine should it come from the blood he donated.

“In fact, we will be giving it now to the places that hope to work on what I would like to call the ‘Hank-ccine,” he said.

COVID-19 survivors

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive in early March while staying in Australia. They were in the country to shoot an untitled Elvis Presley biopic in which Hanks is said to star in.

Since both are currently 63 years old, the two were part of the highest age-risk group. They immediately went on isolation in Australia to stop the spread and recuperate from the illness.

They still do not have an idea though how they got infected with the virus.

They also even regularly updated their fans on social media their progress and experience. Fortunately, the actors’ immune system was able to fight off the deadly bug.

They were able to return home to Los Angeles at the end of March after weeks of quarantining and recovering from their symptoms.

Even until today, the world continues to battle the pandemic. There are also no reports of an effective vaccine yet. Hopefully, something will come out from the blood donations of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Featured image courtesy of Deutsche Bank/Flickr

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