‘Tomb Raider 2’ star Alicia Vikander reprises role, Angelina Jolie set to appear


Alicia Vikander will reprise her role as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel. In addition, Angelina Jolie might make a cameo scene as well. 

Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider was a hit after it premiered in 2018. Several viewers praised the action sequences, tone, grittiness, and realistic take on the film franchise. Overall, the movie grossed $274 million worldwide, which is way bigger than the 2001 and 2003 Tomb Raider film.

Tomb Raider sequel confirmed by Warner Bros.

Owing to Tomb Raider’s success and eminence, a sequel was confirmed in 2019. Warner Bros. announced the news and further appointed Amy Jump as the scriptwriter. Ben Wheatley,  prominent for British movies Kill List and High-Rise, will also take over from Roar Uthaug as the director.

The sequel was given a release date of March 19, 2021, and this is still the case for now. However, due to the current global situation, the movie has not yet commenced filming as of June 2020. Therefore, this premiere schedule will likely be pushed back anytime soon. 

Who will return

Alicia Vikander will definitely be back as Lara Croft. The actress previously expressed her willingness to return for another installment, stating: 

“I adored taking on the role of Lara. So yeah, we’ll see. If there’s an audience out there for it, then I would love to.”

However, Dominic West is unlikely to come back as Lara’s father Richard Croft after he sacrificed himself to save his daughter. The villain Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) will also follow the same fate after dying in the previous movie.

Angelina Jolie might make a cameo

Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in the 2001 Tomb Raider film. Also, she is likely to make a cameo in the forthcoming installment. Alicia Vikander has stated her desire to have Angelina appear in the sequel. She told NME:

“I wouldn’t mind! I adore Angelina, so we’ll see. We should definitely ask.”

As of press time, Angelina Jolie has not yet responded to this request nor confirmed the speculations. 

Tomb Raider 2 possible storylines

The first Tomb Raider film witnessed a younger version of Lara Croft. In this movie, she embarked on a journey to a mysterious island in order to discover the truth about her father’s disappearance.

The conclusion certainly left things wide open for a sequel. Lara found out in the end that her father’s business partner Ana Miller is the person behind the evil Trinity organization.

If the sequel continues with the previous storyline, it will showcase the battle between Lara and Ana. The scenes will even be spiced up since Lara finally got her hands on her iconic dual pistols.

However, there is also a possibility that the sequel will just set up a new tomb and mission for Lara, completely detached from the original movie.

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