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Tony Vlachos builds spy nest on ‘Survivor’ season 40 episode 12


Tony Vlachos brought back the spy shack concept. A strategy that he utilized in his first Survivor season.

Survivor season 40 episode 12 will offer another chance for Tony Vlachos to exhibit his dominance on the island. This time, he will bring back his infamous (and re-branded) spy shack from Survivor: Cagayan.

Based on teasers for Survivor season 40 episode 12, Tony will climb up tall trees to spy on fellow castaways. He hopes this will give him more information about what the other players plan to do in the game.

Tony Vlachos wins Immunity Challenge for second straight week

To recap the last episode, Tony Vlachos clinched his second individual immunity win. The strong showing brings him one step closer to becoming a two-time Survivor winner.

The immunity challenge this week featured a Survivor classic. The challenge required the players to stand on a narrow beam. They have to maintain their position while trying to balance a statue placed at the end of a pole. Jeremy Collins did his best during the challenge but was no match for Tony.

Tony came off a historic win in the previous episode. He brought back the individual immunity necklace for the first time to camp. He never won individual immunity in his previous stints Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Game Changers.

Sophie Clarke sent off to Extinction Island

Sophie Clarke became the victim of yet another Survivor: Winners at War blindside. She failed to use the immunity idol she had because she did not know she was on the chopping block.

Going into tribal council, it seemed that the odds were not on Jeremy’s favor. But it was clear to Tony that they had to break up the alliance of Sarah Lacina and Sophie Clarke. He successfully convinced a few players to go with his plan, resulting in Sophie’s demise in the main game.

Aras Baskauskas on rejecting Survivor: Winners at War

In other Survivor: Winners at War news, Aras Baskauskas recently spoke about his decision to not return to the show. According to the Survivor: Panama – Exile Island winner, he did not want to leave his family.

In a podcast interview, he described how much of a “depleting” experience Survivor is. He said he would rather watch the reality show on television instead.

Baskauskas also said that he is enjoying the season so far. He picked Kim Spradlin as his top choice to win the season. He also found the gameplay of Denise Stapley and Sarah Lacina impressive.

Tony, Sarah argue on Survivor season 40 episode 12

Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina will start Survivor season 40 episode 12 arguing. Meanwhile, a group of contestants eye Tony as the next person they want to boot off the island.

In the Survivor season 40 episode 12 teasers, the two Survivor: Cagayan alums will butt heads with each other. Sarah felt upset because her biggest ally, Sophie, got voted off. She confronted Tony about it, telling him that he “sunk” her game.

In another scene, Kim Spradlin will attempt to take out Tony. She opened the plan to Michele Fitzgerald, who seemed to want Tony out as well. Fans will have to see if Kim successfully builds an alliance against Tony. Survivor season 40 episode 12 will air on Thursday, April 30.

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